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  1. I've decided to host a game in about three weeks. Get hyped.
  2. Thanks for sponsoring tonight's nightmares.
  3. If you want to change the culture you actually have to partake.
  4. I have several worthy game themes, but I don't want to waste them on an autumn game. My analysis has shown this is always a slow time of year. Let's start with a mini-zodiac-type game, perhaps. I might even host. Killjoy. PMing is a hallmark of CDC-style mafia.
  5. Someone shouldn't get themselves post-capped.
  6. ^^112 going for glory. HYPE.
  7. Oops, that was meant for Govt Spy Chat.
  8. Don't put too much effort into it. This is the low season for CDC Mafia.
  9. Sorry for taking advantage of that. But no. A lot of us go through it. Consider it a rite of passage.
  10. If I'd been TP I would have played harder to match your effort level. Once I realised you were looking past me it was easier to phone it in.
  11. I miss the days when I was a lock to die early. I never had to deal with the fatigue of a long game or worry about throwing victory in the end game with a poor read.