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  1. 3-player Mafia game. Ceres, Lucky, BJ. 2 TP, 1 Mafia. 72 hours.
  2. Dropping a few thoughts before my lynch (when I'm asleep). Remember me when I'm gone. Likely town: Lucky - seems loose Zfetch - seems Zfetch Null: DM - seems disengaged more than anything, but not trying to hide in the background when posting as he does when scum AV - not playing up to usual standards, but I'd expect if he was scum he'd do so Possible scum: Hoggers - yeah BJ - playing with an agenda 112 - playing too passively; if hoggers flips green look here I don't remember if there's anyone else in the game.
  3. Guys, I think MR's probably town. His attitude seems like he doesn't care.
  4. (By the way, future game mechanic idea: no one knows when the round ends, and it changes every time.)
  5. Insights having been dropped, I shall now to bed. Good indeterminate time of day to you all.