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  1. Okay. Let's do it. I'll probably need to do that thing again where I gif-post then solve the game before my R1 mislynch, but let's do it.
  2. I feel you TL. I think we all reach that feeling at some point as real life catches up to us. Once the initial enthusiasm of the honeymoon period of playing fades, and our life shifts into a new stage, e.g. leaving school or getting a new job, we stop prioritising reading 300 posts of a forum game in our spare moments. It's natural. Some players fade away completely and never return. Some return occasionally but never for long or at their former level of commitment. A few find ways to adapt and stick around, usually just by learning when to pull away for awhile. Make sure to pop in to say hi, at least, even if you don't play. It's always a shame when people drift away entirely.
  3. Top 10 CDC Mafia moments of the decade ?
  4. All these people claiming body parts, yet still no game running. What we need is a foot up the ass.
  5. The trick is to realise that life is inherently meaningless and we're all going to die someday and when we do no one will care about our achievements in an internet game.
  6. Nah, it's an acceptable level. I take more issue with the lack of quotation marks. Punctuation has a purpose. You may as well just not use commas or periods.
  7. 3-player Mafia game. Ceres, Lucky, BJ. 2 TP, 1 Mafia. 72 hours.
  8. You guys take this sh*t too seriously. Just meme post like me.