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  1. Yeah. I mean, we'll answer those questions with an intent to sabotage you, but please feel free.
  2. That said, there's a very real possibility I just forget to check back here often enough.
  3. Sure, go on then. At the very least I'll bring a touch of class back to Mafia.
  4. Mafia - General Discussion

    Agree with those noms. But I agree that first step is to see who would be interested and able. Not me.
  5. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    There is obviously pretty much nothing to go on at this point, so vote firmicutes because.
  6. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    Doldrums of summer, I guess. For my part, I'm just busy, but at unpredictable hours, so there's no set time for me to really get into the game.
  7. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    What a wild start. I'll post later. For now I'll just rep a few posts.
  8. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    Good to see Virt's joined.
  9. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    I want to be a sorbet.
  10. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    Sure, but still no promises about activity levels.
  11. Mafia: Spongebob Squarepants (sign up open)

    Haven't had much time today. All I can say is that whether we believe Aladeen or not, we can't lynch him. Same with Zfetch. DM is clearly TP. A couple of people are MIA and not worth voting for. A few more are slanking hard. Vote Dral because he's slanking and it just sort of feels right.