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  1. A scum basically said 'hmm not sure' about him without ever actually pushing him.
  2. No it doesn't. If anything it indicts him further. Nothing there was 'never w/w' interaction.
  3. Nah it's his regular game, dunno what you're seeing.
  4. Nah DM is unlikely to be a wolf. Save him for the final chop but we don't go there today.
  5. Why do you think we have a Vig, considering they 'could not act' last round? They're probably dead tbh. Why is J in your towncore? Why am I?
  6. @Mafia If you admit who you are we can hunt the SK together.
  7. Are you stressed? You're telling but not showing tbh. Why SS? Why not Kurisu, considering a couple pages ago (last time you were in the thread that I can see) you openly stated he pinged you but no one else did?
  8. Oh btw who has the med kit? The mafia kill missed so...
  9. And %$^& you guys for leaving me alive when I clearly wasn't paying any attention like I said I wouldn't. Why the hell is this the game you guys don't misyeet me early on out of tinfoil over my lack of activity?
  10. Like I'm not going to keep reading anymore. Let's chop SS, and that should be it for the scum team (18 player game should have 4, maaaaybe 5, but maybe not with an SK). Then whoever is left needs to figure out the SK. I would guess J23 or BK, but tbh I don't want to lose to a DM SK if I'm wrong.
  11. Lol he continues trying to stop a Lucky chop. This is directed at one of Lucky's rant posts. 'Any dissenting opinions' - what is this, the UN? There were like 4 people who openly disagreed, incl. known scum, and SS chooses this one to respond to: ask 'why'. Uh huh. Re: Z's entrance. SS then goes MIA himself as it's clear no one is budging from voting out Lucky.
  12. Lmao SS spent all of round 1 making nothing posts and then this - 'hey guys what should we do? I'm leaning towards the player who isn't mafia' Vote SS.