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  1. I'm on holiday until the 29th, so not immediately. After that I could.
  2. I did too. I kept wondering why I didn't remember saying certain things.
  3. Having had the chance already, someone else should get the opportunity. Only if literally no one else wants to do it.
  4. In London the days are just constantly grey and dreary. (Weather-wise, I mean; I'm not being that angsty. ) I think the UK government has a few other things on their mind right now.
  5. Update: this continued, and basically everything in my life went wrong at once for about six weeks. The universe decided to mess with me it seemed. But now things have turned around again. I will, hopefully, make my glorious return to mafia in a few weeks' time.
  6. ZODIAC III: HOG WILD This little piggy played rough This little piggy wanted a thrill This little piggy had enough This little piggy would kill It's the Year of the Pig, but they aren't planning to wait another twelve years to rule the world again. This time, they'll do what it takes to make sure they stay on top forever. They're going whole hog. Even if they have to ham it up, they're putting lip-stick on and casting their pearls. Get ready to believe they can fly. The TP are going to need someone to save their bacon. Welcome to Zodiac III: Hog Wild
  7. so how are things over at sportsnet??