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  1. I feel like scum!DM doesn't care enough to say this. Early slight town lean.
  2. No point. As you say, it could still be easily faked. After mulling it over, I think I believe him. He hinted at it early, which lends some veracity to his claim (or he just had this plan from the game's beginning), and revealed very quickly once slightly pressured (which is kind of odd, but generally mafia prefer to play it safe and only fake roleclaims when necessary). But it would be easy to construct a plausible line of reasoning showing him to be lying as well, so this does no more than hint at his innocence, not prove it. Zfetch is still relatively null, and his roleclaim in and of itself doesn't prove innocence or guilt.
  3. Either you're TP who just told the mafia 'I'm useless, leave me alone', or you're mafia who just told the TP 'I'm useless, leave me alone.' Either way you're useless and I'll leave you alone. Either way your role is useless and I'll leave it alone, not allowing it to clear you.
  4. Those are legit reads, by the way.
  5. Buckled way too easily under pressure. Story is perfectly plausible and also perfectly impossible to prove. Aladeen/Zfetch scum team confirmed.
  6. Aladeen took Zfetch's joke post seriously. Death knell for R1. Vote Aladeen
  7. Did MH even say if there was an 'Extend round' option? Also, didn't he say the first deadline was Thursday? Everyone shot their wad early, it seems.
  8. Hey now. There's two sides to every story. There's blame on many sides, many sides. It's been going on a long time. Not MH. Not J23. A long time.
  9. So I've never watched this show.
  11. How about: 1 Mafia 7 SKs 7 Vigs Everyone in a 'Lovers' couple/triad with triggers
  12. Yeah, I'm in regardless of setup.
  13. Clearly we need to start doing semi-open setups where all the roles that could be in the game are known, but the exact distribution of them is not.
  14. Or does that just make it too advantageous for the mafia?
  15. The 'Zodiac method' of just giving everyone roles is clearly the only answer.