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  1. There is obviously pretty much nothing to go on at this point, so vote firmicutes because.
  2. Doldrums of summer, I guess. For my part, I'm just busy, but at unpredictable hours, so there's no set time for me to really get into the game.
  3. What a wild start. I'll post later. For now I'll just rep a few posts.
  4. Good to see Virt's joined.
  5. I want to be a sorbet.
  6. Sure, but still no promises about activity levels.
  7. Haven't had much time today. All I can say is that whether we believe Aladeen or not, we can't lynch him. Same with Zfetch. DM is clearly TP. A couple of people are MIA and not worth voting for. A few more are slanking hard. Vote Dral because he's slanking and it just sort of feels right.
  8. I had unvoted Aladeen earlier.
  9. Whether mafia or love, Aladeen is passionate.
  10. Yeah, Aladeen's posts and timings are odd. And he's being particularly antagonistic. Does scum!Aladeen role claim at this point, though? Wouldn't he wait to see if the pressure dropped?
  11. There is so much time left. Why the heck would you role claim with a couple votes on you and no serious bandwagon? Unvote but the Sheriff(s) should investigate Aladeen. If he's telling the truth, great. If not, we should know. Since there is likely more than one Sheriff, don't go contacting him just yet. But hold it in your back pocket.
  12. More roleclaims. This game is kicking off already. Yeah, sorry for not being glued to my computer 24/7.
  13. I feel like scum!DM doesn't care enough to say this. Early slight town lean.
  14. No point. As you say, it could still be easily faked. After mulling it over, I think I believe him. He hinted at it early, which lends some veracity to his claim (or he just had this plan from the game's beginning), and revealed very quickly once slightly pressured (which is kind of odd, but generally mafia prefer to play it safe and only fake roleclaims when necessary). But it would be easy to construct a plausible line of reasoning showing him to be lying as well, so this does no more than hint at his innocence, not prove it. Zfetch is still relatively null, and his roleclaim in and of itself doesn't prove innocence or guilt.