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  1. Oh. And, uh, hi guys.
  2. (and @Intoewsables too from the previous thread) I seriously considered it, but I knew I wouldn't have the time to commit to GMing a game. It's quite difficult with the time zones, and I'm working two jobs at the moment. Just wouldn't have been good for me, as much as I wanted to. Hopefully next February.
  3. I haven't even had a chance to read up on the end of the last game, let alone the mechanics of this one. Is it super complicated? I should be free over the next few days (except Wednesday) but if I'm going to have to use my brain too much, I dunno.
  4. I don't have any time now to really go over all the tinfoiling going on and sort it out. Vote JohnLocke again. If he's not scum, GFY is. I figure this lynch won't succeed. But if you all **** this up tonight, I will take no share of the blame. So nyah.
  5. Oh, and this one, but it was already pointed out: Falcon was TP, and I think JJ has to be genuine. He does a full read every round, and in R1 he had TL as TP and Toews as scum lean, then in R2 he had both as firmly TP. This matches up to his investigations as he told them to us (TL in R1, Toews in R2). So he may be Naive, but he's not lying. This leaves Aladeen, 112, and Stamkos, two of which he's been 'reading' scum since R1 according to the other post I quoted above.
  6. From R1. Two we now know are TP. So between Aladeen and Stamkos, which scumbuddy did he slip in? Directed at JJ prior to last night's results. If there's a KP, do you think there's a chance he didn't sneak him in? I don't think it can be Aladeen, as BW went after him fairly hard earlier in the game. BW had a few other comments throughout as well, but nothing particularly substantial I think.
  7. (On second thought, I probably shouldn't go posting stuff like that right before I sign off. Read my post carefully.)
  8. Just checking in. Any further roleclaims before I head off? No? Great. So I'm the Watcher and I saw JL visit MH last night. I'm joking.
  9. Because 112 called out Aladeen not once but twice, quite seriously both times (first pretending to be Sheriff, second pointing out his quoting transgression). There's a difference between a voting a scum mate when you know there's little danger of the lynch taking off, and doing it with enough gusto to start a serious wagon. Aladeen may not have ended up lynched either time, but he faced a lot of heat both times, and if they are Mafia teammates than 112 is the worst teammate of all time.
  10. Non-Mafia then. I called you lazy, not scum. I see no reason to lynch you at this point. There are far better candidates. But an important consideration in putting together lists is that certain players can't be on a scum team together. Aladeen and 112, in this case, are in no way Mafia teammates this game. But you put them both on your list.
  11. You were on AV's case for hopping on wagons. But 112 is the only one to have voted out two TP so far. (But, as I noted, the second time was an unusual scenario, so it's not exactly damning yet.)
  12. So you're saying duce and JL are scummates? Hmm. Possible, I guess, but I don't find much of your evidence there particularly damning. I mean, ilduce not mentioning JL in R1 means nothing - players are allowed to change their mind. And there's nothing wrong with +1ing a post when it was funny; I'm pretty sure I +1ed at least one of JL's posts this game, and I've been on his case the entire time. And why would duce suggest MH as a Vig target if he knew the Mafia were going to kill MH already? I won't discount the idea, but I don't see as strong a tie as you seem to.
  13. I don't disagree. A TP's secondary objective (after finding Mafia) is to not let a TP die. If KH is TP, he knows he is, and therefore should've argued to keep himself alive. He capitulated too quickly. Rhetorical question? He's alive because something bigger came along and distracted us. Also he implied he had a role but never came out completely with it because of GFY. Tinfoil idea: JL is an important mafia role, and scum!GFY's 'Doc' claim was designed to confuse us and possibly sacrifice himself (vanilla scum) to keep JL alive longer. That would require Aladeen to also be scum, of course. Anyway, just thinking out loud. And yet the player whose vote ended up on both lynch candidates? One one two. But, well, the MH one was kind of unusual, so that's not exactly damning evidence yet.
  14. I agree that the action deadline wasn't pushed up. What I meant was that the Mafia, at the end of the round, chose MH to kill, and therefore had no idea he was going to be lynched, so they weren't paying attention either. It's kind of a moot point now, other than understanding the Mafia are potatoes like the rest of us. So the question now is: why MH? Why not any of the roleclaims (again)? Because he was KP investigated? Because they suspected he was hiding something?
  15. I didn't realise only the lynch was affected. But the Mafia still clearly forgot about the early lynch as well, otherwise they wouldn't have targeted MH.