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  1. Don't know what's happening but this seems accurate.
  2. This post is actually a good post but no one will see the townie thought process and will call me scum for it.
  3. (I'm going for a post-modernist approach to Mafia. Cut the useless verbosity, get straight to the conceptual level underlying each of my posts.)
  4. This post is actually a bit townie but is fakeable.
  5. Holy frack we have 19 players? We haven't had over 18 in years.
  6. know you didn't have to do that last game.
  7. Out of hours access can be arranged for a nominal fee of $150.
  8. It's fine. I'm fine. You guys just keep letting the slankers run the game. Gl gl.
  9. I just need DM to call me scum now and my slanker bingo card is complete.
  10. Except maybe I'd prefer MH. He's more blatantly playing into a TWTBW read. At this stage of the game, someone only does that to avoid notice. Vote Milk and Honey
  11. Well then. I'd prefer Qwags, but I do see the potential for DM to be a 3P role.