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  1. Nice rebuttal.
  2. Only skipped through the first page, but Clutch +1 to you sir. I can't believe how many people fell for your obvious troll, frantically typing out of rage to call you out. Me and you rarely share the same opinion but this here was golden, I love it man.
  3. Looks nice, would have been nicer had you spelled his name with the proper capitalization, otherwise nice work.
  4. Most people on these boards say Alex Burrows would not be the player he is, if he was not playing with the twins, but the same could be said about the twins. Alex Burrows' work ethic is outstanding, he shows up for EVERY game and works his ars off. Alex leads the league in short handed goals, and has racked up 40 goals since being dropped on the first line. Since its usually hank to dank to Burrows or vice versa, it could be said that's a possible 80 points for the twins. (I'm no stats junkie so I'm not going to look it up) Alex Burrows works hard every night and is willing to go to the dirty spots to complete plays, and he can bury the puck from them dirty places while being abused by opposing teams, not just anyone can do that. So I say good on you Alex, keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing it GREAT!! and that's why you're successful.