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  1. Yeah because nobody has ever seen a jihadist with an AK47.
  2. It's very misleading so I thought I would point it out. I don't like those comparisons including the example you have given because they don't make sense. Anyway if anyone wants to come with me to reunion island and surf there while I take selfies. See who is a little more nervous than the other lol. Just sayin'
  3. i don't get why people have not enough common sense to see that more people take selfies than the number of people enter the ocean. Not that I'm trying to overplay shark attacks but the comparisons to the numbers are ridiculous and don't take obvious details into account. Nearly everyone takes selfies. Hardly everyone enters the ocean, not to mention enters the ocean in areas where sharks are present. / end thread
  4. Just look at our lineup. Our prospects. Then ask yourself is there a cup winning lineup there. When you compare us to other lineups and prospect pools we fall way way short. That's my opinion that we won't be competing for awhile now. Unless the Sedins really want to play second line. We manage to make a splash on the first line. And our prospects surprise.
  5. The women are fine. Every Russian male I have met all turned out to be their stereotype. Drunk cocky douche bags. He'll even the Russian girls I partied with told me Russian guys are stupid. Anyway like I said, let's not include their women in that statement.
  6. I used to like him. That changed around the Sochi Olympics. Russia is more corrupt that most places all the way to the top. Russians actually act like they have a choice with Putin. Absolutely not there is no getting rid of him.
  7. I don't like any of the moves being made. Not a happy canamper.
  8. How many classic are they going to ruin.
  9. I really like the movie mad max. Could be a dream come true! So shiny. So Chrome.
  10. I was reading today the odds are at 1 in 10 within 50 years.
  11. I wish but don't see the oilers doing it.
  12. Brutal. Only a matter of time for us on the west coast.
  13. I'm considering factors like him having an immediate impact and his age. For him to come in and make plays like that at this stage in the season. Its exciting to me and yes if any young player who was written off then comes in and makes plays like this, in his first games with a new team, it's really good in my opinion. Your post comes off as a little bitter to be honest. Do I smell a flames fan? Lol
  14. Lol they were nice goals. SB makes a huge impact and what stood out on your radar is kenins. I'm guessing you're a hipster trying to spin out a new trend.ndid you post this from Starbucks on your typewriter by chance? Both Sven goals were sick. Puck control. Positioning. Aggressiveness. Patience. Most importantly finish. To be fair I can see how someone at a glance may think the plays weren't that great. But take a closer look and see a combination of things he did well. For me he waited for the right moment to shoot and caught the goalie off guard all while being pressured closely. Many players don't even get the shot off there or shoot too early.