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  1. OMG Earthquake?

    I was reading today the odds are at 1 in 10 within 50 years.
  2. OMG Earthquake?

    Brutal. Only a matter of time for us on the west coast.
  3. Sven Baertschi Talk

    I'm considering factors like him having an immediate impact and his age. For him to come in and make plays like that at this stage in the season. Its exciting to me and yes if any young player who was written off then comes in and makes plays like this, in his first games with a new team, it's really good in my opinion. Your post comes off as a little bitter to be honest. Do I smell a flames fan? Lol
  4. Sven Baertschi Talk

    Lol they were nice goals. SB makes a huge impact and what stood out on your radar is kenins. I'm guessing you're a hipster trying to spin out a new trend.ndid you post this from Starbucks on your typewriter by chance? Both Sven goals were sick. Puck control. Positioning. Aggressiveness. Patience. Most importantly finish. To be fair I can see how someone at a glance may think the plays weren't that great. But take a closer look and see a combination of things he did well. For me he waited for the right moment to shoot and caught the goalie off guard all while being pressured closely. Many players don't even get the shot off there or shoot too early.
  5. Sven Baertschi Talk

    Those plays were better than they looked. First goal was due to patience to get as close as possible even with pressure on him. Good puck control. Then the second goal he cuts in with speed and contacts the defender then finishes. Now I'm excited about this guy.
  6. Sven Baertschi Talk

    Hope you're right. Calgary is one of my most disliked teams lol. Would be pure comedy reading flame fans comments if SB lights it up. Specifically against them. At first glance the trade seems bad for Calgary. Second glance a little more reasonable. Third glance you have to wonder why Calgary would take such a risk making this kind of deal with Vancouver of all places. Big mistake to take a risk like this with a rival. In the end it's a win/win situation for us.
  7. Vaccine-free daycare criticized by Ottawa Public Health

    Well my brother in laws son became autistic after being fully vaccinated. Apparently his immune system just completely shut down. The chances of that are suppose to be rare but I saw it happen which is scary. Obviously we need vaccinations but it also seems to be a bit of a gamble at least in my experience.
  8. Say Mean Things to BananaMash V.2 (maybe V.3)

    You're a wannabe gangster who likes to mash bananas. You don't clean up in between mashing bananas and then you go to bed without having a shower. You wake up feeling hung over, yet you don't even drink or party (because you have no friends). If you and someone else arrive at the same door, at the same time, you wait for the other person to open it for you. Your clothes and jewelry don't match and don't fit you either. Your pants could be classified as parachute and you might jump out an airplane but you're too scared. Your family has horrible genetics and its better that nobody will have sex with you.

    What does the government want with them?
  10. The ISIS Thread

    Regardless of the reason they are executions. The Jordanian probably bombed some civilians too. Just like a suicide bomber would. Now I'm not backing ISIS but just looking at the situation and thinking about the best choice. I think the best choice is also the hardest, no executions. Not to mention these are suicide bombers. You're giving them what they want by killing them. Probably worse for them to grow old in a prison. I used to believe in excecuting until I read the biography of a well known british excecutioner. I will look him up when I have a moment but basically he executed more people than anyone and disagreed with it at the end. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Pierrepoint Pierrepoint allegedly became an opponent of capital punishment. The reason for this seems to be a combination of the experiences of his father, his uncle, and himself, whereupon reprieves were granted in accordance with political expediency or public fancy, and had little to do with the merits of the case in question. He had also hanged a slight acquaintance, James Corbitt, on 28 November 1950; Corbitt was a regular in his pub, and had sung "Danny Boy" as a duet with Pierrepoint on the night he murdered his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy because she would not give up a second boyfriend. This incident, in particular, made Pierrepoint feel that hanging was no deterrent, particularly when most of the people he was executing had killed in the heat of the moment rather than with premeditation or in furtherance of a robbery.
  11. The ISIS Thread

    Jordan executes ISIS hostages. I disagree with the move as Jordan lowers themselves to similar levels. Had a chance to take the high road and missed it.
  12. Potato

    Hash browns. 3 bags of those small crispy critters in my freezer as we speak. Why three bags you may be asking yourself. Well it's quite simple. There's nothing worse than waking up only to find your last bag of hash browns have gone empty. My backup has a backup.
  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Interviews 7/10. Starts off strong but ultimately fizzled out right when they get to Kim Jongs place.
  14. Pretty good for the next Patrick Roy.