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  1. Gudbranson sounds like a 30yr old vet in his prime who also won 10 cups for the Montreal Canadiens in a previous life. I wish I had another sister so he could marry her haha
  2. I'll take it. If the worst player on your team is a bulldog who constantly makes you question who else you should scratch, you're not doing too bad.
  3. We know damn well we have about a month before we're down 2 of our top 3 centers. Why not scoop this guy up for a year? Put either him or sutter on Horvats wing until someone slips on a banana peel and we don't miss a beat at center/face offs.
  4. Man the NHL is getting stranger every day.
  5. Just looked up an article from that draft. Seems like they we're actually more after his offense than his physicality. Here's a quote. First they dealt 25-year-old goalie Kevin Weekes to the Tampa Bay Lightning along with prospect defenceman Kristian Kudra before the draft this morning. The Islanders got Tampa's fifth overall pick in today's draft in return, where the team chose Raffi Torres, a five-foot-11 left-winger who had 43 goals and 48 assists this season with the OHL's Brampton Battalion. "We think his ability to score goals is exceptional," Milbury said.
  6. That's the decision Tim has to make. Is he willing to work with him on his issues? Does he want buffalo's 2016 storyline to be centered around can evander turn things around on his 3rd chance?... Or does he want the story to be, are the young Sabres ready to climb the standings?. I don't buy he won't cut his losses. It's not hard to put a "we have no tolerance" spin on violence against women. You won't please every fan but most would accept it.
  7. Haha well man... Hansen sbisa 2nd 3rd? That's ludicrous lol he just had the paparazzi shoot his formal cuffing in broad daylight. Tims going to have his one for one pick from the sbisa's and Bickell's of the league lol. Now they're talking edler? Hahaha who plays with Tanev in our new and improved defense?.. Sbisa? No thanks. I could probably roll the dice with sbisa for him but I'd feel really... really bad about it.
  8. Then you just let him outbid you and become the laughing stock of the league. No GM is going to give up any of their top youthful assets for a guy who just got arrested for chokeslamming chicks at the bar(thrown off his previous team basically by his own teammates too). Buffalo is basically stuck with this guy unless they offload him for a bargain. He's just not in high demand anymore... I think what'll happen is they'll put him on the block and gauge what lackluster offer will help them the most, take it and run. Most likely not very many of them come in and they're deciding on a short term decent player cap dump or a younger middle six player/#5dman that's not reaching potential. As for the deal you quoted, that is not a little to give up for Kane. That is ridiculous. I wouldn't even give Hansen for him, maybe sbisa and a 5th, but even that is being generous with the situation they're in.
  9. Man watching his battalion highlights it's hard to believe he wasn't drafted. Thing I like about him is he seems to score a lot capitalizing on the other teams immediate mistake. If you turn it over to him, he's got his game face on and he's going to make sure he buries it. That's a good quality to have. Him Stukel and Lockwood are pretty good lottery tickets if you ask me. 3 different intriguing skill sets and high compete levels that give them a legit shot at being the next late bloomer surprise. JB rolled the dice on a future#1 Dman and made his picks count this year. I love it!
  10. Couple quote from an article on him the other day “I’ll be here in Vancouver and training all summer and I won’t be going anywhere,” pledged the 19-year-old Virtanen, whose rollercoaster National Hockey League rookie season was a sobering realization of what it takes to become a consummate professional — a tough ask for any wide-eyed and impressionable player. “It’s coming into camp and making a statement that I belong right away. “Even though I was on the team last year, things can happen. I can be sent down, but I want to prove to management that I belong here. I’ve got to come into camp and show the coaching staff right away that I’m ready to play. I want to be here and I’m just going to go out and play my hardest. I want to be a dominant player right away and that’s huge.”
  11. I like to think that way too. The NHL is full of surprises. All its gonna take is a couple of these kids to blow the training wheels off and become our new best players. JB's added the pieces to make us competitive in the playoffs. It's just up to Bo Sven Jake Ben Guddy and co. to take the wheel and fill out the roster with impact. It's a waiting game on them, once they get going, we'll start winning rounds with the twins as a second line and sutter on the third.
  12. Sure seems like he's got the character for it. Check out the video the Canucks just posted of him and Boeser mic'd up during the scrimmage. He sounds like he's having a blast out there.
  13. Go to 1040 on Twitter and find the Woodley interview. Some good insight on Demko. Apparently he watches NHL games and takes notes to study the game and tendencies. Really good interview
  14. This kid probably has the brains to play now but there's no need to rush him if he can't handle Virtanen in front of the net at camp. One more year of physical maturity and this kids gonna blow us away the following year at camp. Bigger, stronger and faster. Boeser is doing the same thing. I could see the next year being one of the most exciting in Canucks history. Olli and Boeser both make the team while Virtanen's just hitting stride.
  15. I would buy season tickets to the PG Cougars for sure. The chl would be stacked!