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  1. The other point to add is who else is really going to outbid you? A team would have to be dead sure of one of the crap shoot picks after Hischeir and Patrick to give up a better, or player as good as Tanev but younger. It seems like it has to be another bottom feeder(who's extremely high on Vilardi or someone) with a better asset than Tanev. Who is willing to really pay up for a Vilardi or Heiskanen? If Dallas really wants to use this pick to compete for a cup with Benn and Seguin in their prime years, they might not find better than Tanev. Would a lesser player and a later first round pick be any better if they want to compete now? I think they'd still take Tanev and actually try to win a cup.
  2. Nothing says we're trying to win now like trading a 40 point guy that makes Just over a million bucks for the next couple years lol. They probably wouldn't take Goldobin and a 2nd for him at this point.
  3. I kinda like that. Goes with his gut on a lot of players and gives you a different look at it. Sometimes he's pretty spot on. Had everyone laughing when he Jake pegged as more of a second round project lol.
  4. If he was 24 I wouldn't want to trade him either. I don't even really want to trade him but if it makes us a better team sooner than later, I'm down. I would share your opinion if it were Edmonton or another division rival but Toronto isn't going to be coming back to bite us in the east. If another team offers you a better deal then yeah obviously we take it. I just don't think the deal would be much better than that. He had an off year, just didn't look right. He's a solid number 2 but he's just not of the high end variety. I think Kapanen and their first provide us 2 real quality pieces for the future. Maybe 33rd going back is a little steep but I am trying to look at this through the unbiased lens. Tanev is a damn fine defenseman but not part of the best of the best. So in my opinion, he will not cost a package that those elite players do. I think if the end deal looks like Kapanen and an upgrade of Anderson-Dolan to Veselainen, It's a no brainer. We are a better team sooner than later.
  5. That leafs deal seems a little weak. If it's with the leafs I'd at least like Kapanen coming back. Kapanen, 1st, 4th/5th for Tanev, our 2nd imo would be a decent deal for both sides. Leafs could go for a cheaper dman but I don't think they should. If they want to improve their team and contend the next couple years, they should pony up and get a good one. No time for mediocrity if they want to try and win with some of the best entry level contracts in the league. Tanev is low risk for them and Babcock knows it. For us, we're up against the clock on this trade with the ntc coming. So I don't mind giving the high second in the swap if it gets the deal done.
  6. Twice! Scroll down on the first page. Someone else posted a video of him taking some poor Russian's head off behind the net. Looked like a raffi special lol I'm gonna watch them play Germany right now and see wtf is going on with this elite Swedish superstar we have on our hands haha
  7. Be funny if his back finally healed and he shows up as an elite #1 next year haha
  8. Yeah there's a bit of a gap. Nico's more of a sure bet. This Mittelstadt kids got crazy hands though. I see the Kane comparison. Even if he ends up a winger, if he does that in the NHL, he's worth our fifth overall. Mittelstadt Horvat Boeser What a line that would be if all 3 pan out
  9. So the Devils won the lottery in 2011. Only move up 4 spots from 8 to take Larsson. 2016/17 they trade Larsson for the actual first overall pick in 2011 Taylor Hall. Then proceed to crap the bed and win the lottery again? WTF is going on here lol
  10. I think we got it this time. We're bound to get first some day and in true Canuck luck fashion, it's the "no generational player year" with 2 guys to choose from. Now half the board is going to go bananas because we didn't take the guy they drooled over for the past 2 months and CDC will go into all out civil war. This is isn't good, guys.
  11. I can't decide if I want a blue Patrick jersey or a white one.
  12. No pressure, Olli. But if you could just hurry up and be a superstar, that'd be great.
  13. Seriously?... Can we just have one thing please? Coilers get mcdavid and half the first overal picks in the last decade. Flames pull Johnny Hockey out of their ass. We get a gigantor Russian that can skate like Kesler and he just leaves? I better get Nolan Patrick for Christmas.
  14. Does he ever see the ice well. He seems to find the lane or space that's only open for a quick second and hits a guy with a pass that you didn't see coming. Looks like he knows how to pick the right over the shoulder spots on the goalie well too.. Its too bad he doesn't have a bit of an edge to his game. He'd be a sure fire number 1 if he could dish out some Finnish punishment every now and then. I know it's not his style, I'm just sayin its too bad haha
  15. Thanks man. Yeah I tried googling but all I'd find was message board links without anything credible.