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  1. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    I think Jakes doing fine and should be in the pros. He hasn't been spectacular but he's the only guy other than sbisa completely wrecking guys out there. We need that. The thing to keep in mind is the games where he's been underwhelming, the entire team has looked like crap(outside of maybe Hansen). When the team is going he seems to play well and make his presence known. I like the idea if 11 minute nights learning to play against men over 20 playing against 16 yr olds. We did it with Bo and he played very cautious until about January too. I say let him play enough to work out the fear of making a defensive mistake.. and then see what he's got. 
  2. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    Mccann's point totals are going to skyrocket once he figures out how to win a face off. He damn near sets something up every time he's on the ice but they always have to go retrieve the puck after losing a juicy ozone draw. When he learns how to win those, he's going to get 3 or 4 chances a shift as opposed to 1 then change. Great game by him and vrby though. Man did we luck out with that Anaheim pick, may as well have been the 10th.
  3. Bieksa 2nd Round Pick

    I think id rather have a low second than watch Anaheim draft top 5.
  4. Sbisa put on IR

    The new bieksa. Just starts rounding into form and... Boom! IR
  5. Virtanen and McCann officially make the team

    If McCann's still leading the team in goals, I'm pretty sure he'd tell you himself he doesnt want to go.
  6. Virtanen and McCann officially make the team

    I wouldn't trade McCann for Kesler 90% salary retained straight up right now. Sbisa Sutter and Dorsett are just a bonus haha.
  7. Horvat not part of the crew?

    Oh no, I hope he's not a "weird dude"
  8. Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs

    Vey picked nickleback and was immediately waived
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I thought he was fine. Especially in the first period. He did his job, got in shooting lanes and even blocked a shot. He seemed to stay in position quite well and the Dman always had a hard time finding a shot. I think if there's one thing he needs to work on its breaking out with the puck. he tries to force things himself sometimes and turns it over. Pretty normal for a kid fresh out of junior though.
  10. [PGT] Canucks 3 Kings 0

    I didn't think Baer was much worse than Bo when he was actually on the second line tonight. I don't think it's him, it's that whole combo. All 3 guys are skating hard and trying but they just aren't seeing each other. Everytime they come out, it's like only one of them has a good shift. Tonight it was pretty much vrbata everytime. They have their moments but that line seems to be our weak link right now. They aren't completely terrible but they aren't bringing that second wave of heavy pressure after the twins come off the ice.
  11. My dad just checked and it was on ch300 something up here in Prince George
  12. On my shaw package it looks like it's in the PPV channels so it's probably free in there
  13. Haha not that good though. Tonight's has to be his best shot of all time. Roofed it so high It looked like it went through the crossbar
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love Hansen.. but I'm not buying he knew where that shot was going either lol.. What a beauty though
  15. How did the Hawks make out when they waived Ryan Stanton?