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  1. I wonder if we used a prospect to get a guy like wood who has another year on his contract, if we could flip him at the draft for a pick. The contracts we want to move we aren’t getting anything for. If a heavy team takes the cup again maybe we can turn a prospect into wood then turn him into a 2020 pick.
  2. Makes you wonder what’s next. We’re all in here, guys. We’re not grabbing one of the big fish and not tuning up the defence too.
  3. If the losing cup run happens while these guys are all still babies, you know damn well this core is the real deal and we can probably win a couple down the road. 2 please.
  4. Yeah I only throw it out there to show what it would take for it to be worthwhile on their end, they need someone that can play now or they probably don’t trade him. If Jake finished the year on a heater and then stumbles next year and gets hurt, we wouldn’t throw him in the bargain bin. Better off hanging on to him and looking for a bounce back unless you’re getting a young impact player back.. Just saying If we were to do it, that’s the most comfortable angle I could see to roll the dice on it. If I really believe in Anderson and think we’d be scoring another JT Miller like win and how confident are we in Tyler madden working out.. If both those things happen, we likely do come out ahead. at the same time if one day we have to chose between gaudette and madden, that deal might be better made then. So In the end I still probably don’t pull the trigger but I can see a case for it.
  5. I’d love him too but we’re going to have to give them at least gaudette or virtanen to make it worthwhile for them. They still probably don’t do it. They’re going to be asking for Boeser. Im still not sure it’s really worth it but here’s a gamble I don’t completely hate .. Pick up Hawyrluk on waivers today then trade Gaudette for Anderson.
  6. That’s a dirty play, no question about it. I hope he’s not marchand/kadri-ish all the time but I love seeing that edge from him. Maybe we got a guy that will go apesh*t in the playoffs and have the monster games you need from your support players.
  7. Exactly the type of addition we’ll need at the time too. In 2 years we’ll have 3 rock solid young centres, a high end offensive defence man and one 30+ sniper. The hard to get parts are there. A tenacious skilled Russian winger will be just what the doctor ordered. If he hits the ground running and we got a goalie, we’ll beat the wheels off the pacific.
  8. I’d take that. 7mill in years 6&7 is almost a slam dunk to come back and bite us but I can handle that over 5.
  9. What a dream for the arena announcer. Can you imagine how hard he’s going to be able to belt out Hoglander in a starting lineup call. I could probably get a pretty good one off and I’m not even good.
  10. If he’s playing well enough that we want him to stay, then he’s going to have a really fun 2 years here. Young Russian star Vasili joins the team in the second year on a team just finding its legs. This guys going to have a blast in Van as long as he takes it seriously and shows up in nhl shape with something to prove. man if we get Nikita back and sign Myers, in 2 years we could have Myers Tryamkin Bo Miller Podkolzin virtanen beagle roussel mckewen. That’s a pretty rugged team surrounding Petey and Quinn.
  11. He probably stays and drafts Byram if he’s still there at 6. Im thinking Broberg went up a tier on Jim’s list and he’s trying to get him before Edmonton.
  12. I think Boeser is in that category. Petterson? Ya, probably will be with the heart and determination he has... but I think Boeser is the first of the elite, elite that we have. everything is trending So right it’s not even funny. We’ve got the top end winger with one of the best shots in the nhl and the selke level workhorse 50-60 point centre already confirmed. Then add Petterson, the hopefully top end first line centre, 2 shots at a #1 goalie with one real close, and now the puck moving top end blueliner who skates like Coffey that we’ve always dreamed of haha. Never thought I’d see the day we had this much quality depth for key positions on our team.. and I didn’t even mention Tryamkin, Hockey Gaud, Jake, Dahlen or Oli. if we land Noel tomorrow I won’t be able to contain myself haha
  13. I’m so glad we didn’t fire Jim after he didn’t draft konecny lol
  14. It still allows us to protect someone else. Maybe allows you to keep Leipsic in the end... but even if it is Sutter. He could still be a decent deadline deal in his contract year.
  15. Totally. Expansion eligibility is priority number 1. As long as that game limit posted above is true I say burn that year off.
  16. I completely agree. I was just responding to the point made of it being better for us if he doesn’t burn a year. I think it works in our favor if he’s the real deal. You could luck out and end up with a 30 goal scorer that only eats up 3rd line centre money against our cap. In the years when we’re realistically trying to win too. but yeah.. He said he’s loyal but you never really know. He’s also extremely proud of where he’s from. I don’t want to take any chances and leave time for dreams of signing back home to creep into his head.
  17. Unless we land Dahlin and get fast tracked closer to contender this year. I kinda think it might be better in this case to burn a year off. Gives him 2 years to earn the next contract as opposed to 3. Who knows how good he really is but let’s say he is the real deal. That third year could be the difference in a 3 million dollar second contract or 5. Assuming Wanless is correct about expansion eligibility, I think it has the potential to help us more than anything.
  18. He curved it Wanted Angelina style around that Czech’s ass and bar down. Hurry up and finish drooling over Brock cus Elias is coming.
  19. I just googled it. All the games say tsn beside them except Sweden Belarus. They say TSN Go, I’m guessing that means online?
  20. Gretzky said himself after losing to the islanders he realized what it takes to be a champion after walking past the islanders dressing room. Instead of jumping up and down celebrating they were sitting there with ice packs nursing their injuries. The oilers realized if you want to win you have to pay the price. Just because a player gets better at not getting knocked off the puck doesn't mean he loses skill. It means you are likely to have more scoring chances because your team still has the puck. I don't disagree the game could use less dump and chase but hockey would be brutal if every coach told their skill guys to float and wait for the puck to come to them. This has nothing to do with what they want from goldy anyways. They just need him to be able to hang on to the puck under pressure. The game isn't 60 minutes of breakaways and 2 on 1s.
  21. I don't think he wants him running around throwing big hits or anything but more just stronger on the puck. If you can't go into the corner and come out with the puck you have no business playing hockey in North America imo. I think the difference in Baertschi from when we first got him to now is what we're looking for. He couldn't win a lot of puck battles and was easily knocked off the puck. That's how you get the minute + ozone shifts. Everyone pulling their weight in puck battles. Guys with skill are dime a dozen these days but this is a mans league. The ones that stick are the guys that will do absolutely anything to keep the play alive. It's why these kids have to sit in the press box every once in a while. Get a different view of what happens when the opposing player wants the puck 10 times more than you do.
  22. I just listened to that interview on 1040's Twitter. Man was he pumped up. Pierre basically took control of the interview before they could ask him questions so he could rave about Gaudette. He went off and said he's the steal of the 2015 draft. Also said there's a few future NHLers on that team, some real good players but Adam Gaudette stood out. Loves the way he explodes and attacks when he gets the puck on his stick. I was was doing fist pumps in the garage listening to it haha. Someone should post it in here from Twitter. It was really good. Says 15-20 goals from Boeser is realistic next season.
  23. We were due for the hockey gods to let a Russian superstar with a cool number like 82 fall in our laps. Good timing, we needed this.
  24. I heard he was pretty good, but wow. I was thinking maybe a bit better than baertschi if we're lucky but that looks like elite level talent and vision.