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  1. goes down 2 men (both goalies in box)....hmmmmm
  2. Raise the glass so it's the same height as behind the net. That way if the puck is shot over, you know it's on purpose. Keep the trapezoid as a safe zone. Goaile can play puck outside the trapezoid but is not considered untouchable. Keep o/t and s/o but change point system to 3 point games, whereby you don't get a point for losing. Reg or O/T win :3 pts. S/O win: 2 pts. Reg or O/T loss: 0 pts. S/O loss: 1 pt. Change icing : Puck shot from inside your defensive zone blue line: ICING. This is usually where you are trying to ice the puck. Puck shot outside your blueline: NO ICING. This is usually a missed pass or bad judgement on part of player or linesman.