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  1. Somehow, my ideal lineup for next season would look something like this. How it would happen would require a lot of luck, but definitely trading away our existing core. Virtanen-McCann-Benson Cox-Horvat-Ronning Boeser-Sutter-Shinkaruk Hansen-Cassels-Dorsett/Prust Byfuglein-Bowmeester Tanev-Lucic Fabbro-Hutton Markstrom Demko Some of you folks might be pressing me for how to build this team, others might question the validity of the group. It would definitely involve parting ways with Sedins, Edler, Hamhuis, Burrows, Miller and a few others for picks, acquiring JBo in a trade, then signing Lucic and Byfuglein in free agency (possible when you clear up cap space). But overall, I think this team has potential to win a Cup before most of the young players hit restricted free agency. The top three lines are all bona-fide first-line offensive lines, the fourth is a strong checking line that will still see its fair share of ice time when you need to shake the opposition. Horvat, in particular, has Jonathan Toews potential and could emerge as a serious leader for this team. On defense, there is a good mixture of puck-moving blueliners and physical, hard-hitting guys, three of whom are established veterans with championships. (Lucic, I believe, can switch to defense. His +/- does suggest he is a defensively responsible guy, and playing with defensive stud Tanev should make a smoother adaption to the blueline). Then there is Markstrom and Demko, two high-potential goaltenders. What do you think?
  2. Tallon did get a ring for the Hawks 2010 Cup, despite leaving when the playoffs began, because that was his team that won - and it still is his team that is so dominant. He acquired all of the key players, hired Coach Q. Bowmann somehow managed to keep the team within the salary cap.
  3. This season, I would hope to rip apart the core of the team and pick up hopefully another first rounder, in order to draft Dante Fabbro and Tyler Benson, and then acquire Trevor Cox and Ty Ronning. I would then go for signing Lucic and Byfuglien in free agency.
  4. Horvat and Drouin should team up on a line...
  5. Don't start descending to writing everyone off. A so-called idiot might trade his top defenseman for all three aforementioned forwards. Montreal might actually trade someone for Burrows because they could use some more sandpaper and clutch scoring, and he is a Quebecer. St. Louis could use Vrbata if they need to boost their offense... Winnipeg would actually trade Byfuglien if the price is right... seeing they may well lose him to free agency, and they have more blueliners coming up their system. You have to swing your trades right, but trades like this have happened.
  6. Donald Trump in Canada... well the only thing I would support of his is paying $1 million for Notely's resignation. PM? Hmmph, I don't know.
  7. Then don't trade them all in one lump... do something like, trade Burrows to Montreal for a second pick, flip that pick with Vrbata and Higgins to Winnipeg for Byfuglein. (Or some trade like that, particularly if the trading team is unlikely to keep their blueliner). If you have to, include Edler or Gaunce one of the trades.
  8. I always believed one could have traded Higgins, Burrows, and Vrbata to land another solid defenseman - which in turn would have strengthened us to make a post-season run.
  9. A Maple Leaf fan I know named Mats Sundin as the greatest player in franchise history. I said something like, "I feel sorry for you, guess you forgot the Maple Leafs actually won 13 Stanley Cups, more than anyone else, other than the Habs. Have you heard of George Armstrong, Tim Horton (outside doughnuts), Syl Apps, Frank Malcovich, Ted Kennedy... guys who actually won those Cups?"
  10. I would be ten thousand times happier to have won just that one Cup than if never, even with all this lousiness. But Canuck fans have endured far more frustrations and heartbreaking shortfalls than the Hurricanes, or anybody else. One Cup would mean the world to us.
  11. Virtanen is more like the next Todd Bertuzzi or Mike Bossy.
  12. It means the world to win even ONE cup, no question.
  13. Fans should be getting excited with whom we have in the fold. Horvat, McCann, Virtanen, Boeser. This is a strong top four group. They have plenty of runway. Now, we just need to surround them with all the right guys...
  14. Bo Horvat has Jonathan Toews potential. Well rounded two-way power forward with leadership ability and some championship success, two golds at junior international competitions, plus an OHL championship. Could Baertschi be his Patrick Kane?
  15. Yeah, oops, I almost forgot Miller. Well they might consider that deal over just Vrbata. But more respect for Gaunce, I think he will be a good second liner. St. Louis will need more scoring depth. Could afford to part with one of their top three defensemen... I would have parted with Bouwmeester if I were them.