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  1. Wow, a Canuck gets elbowed, Kings get the PP.......
  2. Yeah, I was already disinterested as FRACK with the NHL/Canucks this regular season, and then I have to see that BS call, which ended up costing the Canucks the tying goal?? Does anyone have the replay of that yet?
  3. Wow I want that reffs head for the called that tied it up
  4. Alright, signed in just to say that was the most BS call I've ever seen!!!!!!!!
  5. Just saying, if you have roomates, beware. Even if just ONE out of FIVE signs a "mutual agreement to end tenancy". That apparently ends tenancy for EVERYONE(of the co-tenants)! If you have an dastardly landlord who will single out one of the tenants and coerce them(in a wide variety of ways) to sign, or a disgruntled roomie, beware. How does this even make sense? "They" say how the Residential Tenancy Act/Board is in place for the renters protection? That's a joke. I'm sick of renting, but I really don't want to put myself into a big load of debt, either. Just thought I would get that off my chest and also let you guys know how cray that sounds, to me anyway
  6. PSN now online guys and girls!
  7. So people spending 500+ dollars on consoles that they expect to have work, end up being bricks, all because of a group of pricks, is not an "actual problem"? This may not even be fixed for a month for all we know. Last time it was down for 23 days. I am glad you are the one who decides, what is, and what is not an "actual problem", though. It's kind of disturbing how you think these narcissists ruining people's/kids enjoyment on Christmas, INTENTIONALLY, is not an "actual problem" in this world. Not everyone wants to sit around and sing Christmas carols, ok? It's just so disturbing, how you fail to grasp how many kids must have been dissapointted when they got that thing they've been waiting all year for, only for it to not work, as I've said. Continue supporting the sick individuals that go out of their way to ruin other people's enjoyment/holidays, let alone cost companies millions of dollars. Money which could have been spent on new IP's and what not. OMGZ but what about the starving children in Afrika!?
  8. Did you get anyone a PS4 or Xbox One for Christmas?
  9. I and millions of other people pay to play online, and these clowns think they're doing a service for the people? When in actuality, they said "It's a bit of fun", and do you know how many people bought PS'sXbox Ones for their family members? Do you know how many people don't have much of a family? Do you know how many people's passion and actual lively hoods are gaming? Do you know how many people(little kids who have been litterally dreaming of a PS4/One) couldn't even set up their consoles they got for Christmas, because of this(and still have not been able to)?Do you know how many people are like "Screw you Sony! I am taking my PS4 back and getting a One!"(There goes a wack load of lost sales)Do you think anyone who got any Xbox or PS items on Christmas that they couldn't even use, all because of these Narcissists called "Lizard Squad"-went and bought related items on Boxing Day? I just have respect and decency for others, let alone on Christmas/the holidays; so yeah, why should anyone be pissed off that these narcissists decided to be "the Grinches of Christmas? Which they did not even seem to care being labled as. Some people just don't care, obviously, thankyou for proving that
  10. I've had a PS4 since day 1, nice try though. You are right though, I am sure someone did get a ps4 for Christmas.......
  11. Ummmm wow, LMFAO. No, they do not
  12. These guys are damn idiots. I sure hope they are being prosecuted. Who the hell are they to tell anyone how to spend Christmas? Listen to how they accepted a ransom to stop the attack...Sickening. Too bad Sony is still reeling from it though. I hope they burn
  13. So if they indeed got DDOS'd, then those clowns responsible need to be jailed(I hear they got their info supposedly).
  14. "Under Scheduled Maintenance"is what I am getting on the PS Forums.....No, more like they are afraid of all of the complaint threads from their "Maintenance" on Christmas day, now running into boxing day......
  15. and please, I dare someone tell me it's not because of your Pirating as to why new release DVD's/Blurays are 30-40 bucks. They need to make back the money they are losing from Piracy, so really, thanks for making is so expensive for I, and other honest people to add movies to our legit, and legal libraries