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  1. Wow, a Canuck gets elbowed, Kings get the PP.......
  2. PSN now online guys and girls!
  3. So if they indeed got DDOS'd, then those clowns responsible need to be jailed(I hear they got their info supposedly).
  4. "Under Scheduled Maintenance"is what I am getting on the PS Forums.....No, more like they are afraid of all of the complaint threads from their "Maintenance" on Christmas day, now running into boxing day......
  5. Just wait, they just finished working on this, give them some time before they release any bigger DLC
  6. OMG the new video released, almost made me release.........the hounds!
  7. and he spent 500 bucks to get those guys LOL
  8. Jokes on me, but too bad for them I was able to get a full return and trade towards another game. which I can guarantee you is not an EA title. Do you think they'll get my pre order next year, esp like 5 months in advance?!? No loan for them! They'll be lucky I and many others buy the game at all. I have bought 06 to 15, and I have kept them all EXCEPT NHL 15, what does that tell you?
  9. And you think you're something special, don't ya? Guess what? I got rid of this heap of trash on Monday!
  10. I'd prefer a pair of socks
  11. I am taking this game to work tomorrow and trading it straight up for The Crew when it comes out, thanks to my EB Platinum card. Screw this game!!
  12. IS the game like the Beta, where a horde comes at you, you can retreat to a certain point and they stop there?
  13. if EASHL was in the game I would have been playing this almost non stop, but no, I am bored and annoyed with this game!! Never has an NHL game been played so little, so soon after release
  14. Wow, you're easy to please
  15. Oh thanks for that, as I got banned from the forums for saying EA are SLIME BALLS