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  1. Wow, a Canuck gets elbowed, Kings get the PP.......
  2. Yeah, I was already disinterested as FRACK with the NHL/Canucks this regular season, and then I have to see that BS call, which ended up costing the Canucks the tying goal?? Does anyone have the replay of that yet?
  3. Wow I want that reffs head for the called that tied it up
  4. Alright, signed in just to say that was the most BS call I've ever seen!!!!!!!!
  5. PSN now online guys and girls!
  6. So if they indeed got DDOS'd, then those clowns responsible need to be jailed(I hear they got their info supposedly).
  7. "Under Scheduled Maintenance"is what I am getting on the PS Forums.....No, more like they are afraid of all of the complaint threads from their "Maintenance" on Christmas day, now running into boxing day......
  8. Wow, now a bunch of butthurt ignoramus fools need to go disrupt people's businesses and shopping by protesting/laying down inside some mall(s) on what is an incredsibly busy business day? What a bunch of fools!!
  9. So who's got the tow contract?! Damn mother load!
  10. Blocked traffic to do stunts and they got trapped by the police, and they lit a car on fire, as well as rammed a van through a fence onto train tracks
  11. LMAO those idiots are stuck on the tracks!