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  1. Great job with that video with Ali. Thank you Parksy for everything.

  2. lol it was sarcasm bro, i was actually complimenting your hilarious work. I LOL'd pretty hard when I saw that pic.

  3. I am not sick if you watched the last time these two teams met at the playoffs you know dustin byfuglien was getting away with shoving his big donkey in front of Luongo. Just my way of expressing how I feel of this dirty move. keyword dirty move..

  4. Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.

  5. You Said You'd Stay...

    4 million a year and that's it! Someone remind Kessler about his comment to the Sedin's in getting a pay cut for the team. Unless he is all smoke and mirrors , he should take the 4million and show the Canuck's he is devoted to the organization. I would go 4 million for 6 year's.
  6. We both have a rep that is bad..

  7. Our Canuck Album

    Stuff we put together created