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  1. he's not a Canadian so he's not worth the hype? great logic
  2. David Booth
  3. Bring back the flasher chick. She was way more legendary than dudes in body suits
  4. Not to compare him to Burr, but Yzerman comes to mind....
  5. He'll always be the dragon-slayer. Not that he should rest on his laurels. However, he is still an effective player. Maybe he's overpaid for his current role and point production, but add in the bargain he was back then and it all evens out.
  6. Legalize Prustitution
  7. in case y'all weren't aware, there IS more to being a Canuck than your current on-ice performance. Burr has a history and has earned every day he spends in a Canucks uniform.
  9. except the "burrows do we really need him" thread.
  10. sadly, i think he is...
  11. For idea would have been Danny Boy, sung acapella by Mark Donnelly.
  12. burrows and bieksa will both be back in some type of coach/scout/management role. i'd be willing to put money on it
  13. i hope you are right. they should also re-sign him for a day so he can retire as a Canuck. if they retired jerseys for personality and interviews, #3 would be in the rafters