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  1. 20 bucks says Boeser never signs and goes free agent
  2. still on pace for 15G/22A or thereabouts
  3. well said, hoss. well said
  4. In 5 years Cassels, Gaunce and Virtanen will be considered among the leagues premier forwards. They won't be in a Canucks uniform though, sadly enough
  5. i might have to revise my 12G/20A prediction for Burr this season....New prediction 8G/15A. Still not bad for an ECHL grinder
  6. Nolan Patrick #1 overall
  7. pretty much time for burr to prove all the haters wrong...14G, 20A in 2016/17. watch and weep
  8. Nolan Patrick
  9. he's not a Canadian so he's not worth the hype? great logic
  10. David Booth
  11. Bring back the flasher chick. She was way more legendary than dudes in body suits
  12. Not to compare him to Burr, but Yzerman comes to mind....
  13. He'll always be the dragon-slayer. Not that he should rest on his laurels. However, he is still an effective player. Maybe he's overpaid for his current role and point production, but add in the bargain he was back then and it all evens out.