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  1. Wow. He has to be picked up, right?
  2. I have this one: They are quite nice. Very warm and comfortable. They are a little on the big side though, so it would be good if you could try one on first if you decide to go with these "official" ones from the NHL store. As for the Chinese wholesale ones, I can't really comment. They do look quite nice though!
  3. Starting to sound like the team store is the only option to find anything remotely close. She'd probably like the black with pink too though so I'll take a look around for those. I saw the hoody, thats my fall back plan, haha. She's not really a hardcore fan, I think she more or less just wants it because I'm such a big fan, which is probably why shes not as into the normal jerseys. I'll keep trying to find one though, thanks!
  4. Thanks for your wonderful input. So helpful.
  5. I've tried both the NHL store and ebay, no dice. She likes pink. Judge away.
  6. I'm looking for one of those pink or purple Canucks jerseys for my girlfriend. She apparently doesn't want the normal blue one, and we can't find these other ones anywhere anymore. Anyone know where I can get one? I'd love to find one for her for Christmas. Just a note, I don't live in BC, so I'd need to have it shipped.
  7. Eberle has been doing alright, and I feel like by the end of the season Eberle and Carter will pretty much have the same amount of points if they both stay healthy. I'm unsure about Stepan though, anyone know if he's gonna play on the Rangers top line?
  8. I'm in a day to day league, just regular G/A/P scoring. I got offered Carter and Stepan for Eberle and Moulson. Seems pretty fair, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?
  9. 13 teams, goals and assists worth 1 point, wins worth 2 points and shutouts worth 3...let me know what you guys think! Malkin Crosby Nash Giroux Krejci Roy Benn Eberle Alfredsson Erat PM Bouchard Filatov Fowler Edler Suter McBain Souray Salo Hiller Lehtonen I think I'm weak on D, but I chose them pretty late and went the sleeper pick route with most of them. Also took some risks up front with Bouchard and Filatov, but Filatov especially has looked very good in the preseason playing with Spezza.
  10. I think Forrest was more embarrassed then anything, he was wildly swinging at Anderson, and Silva would just duck them and pick him apart with jabs. Forrest was being toyed with, and IMO he just gave up.
  11. Thx, u helped me alot, my msn works again but messenger plus still dosent