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  1.     Lmao you wish... Under 40 games played you don't accumulate enough pucks for that haha... Funny though... Why are people ashamed to admit they dropped some dough on a game?... UNRELATED: BUT THAT OP PUCK CONTROL THO... You can skate in and through like 10 guys and not even lose the puck hahah. Hilarious lol. SO REEL
  2. Washington will be online tonight and Sunday but will be setting CPU since I will be away on friday and saturday. Let me know if you can play tonight or sunday!
  3. Washington here looking to play games against OTT twice, CHI, MIN, TB. Message me or add me at c4nuck4life
  4. I sent a PM to the Commish. I want in!!! I don't care what team I am but from the last edit of the original post Tampa, Buffalo and Calgary are available. I would take any of the teams but if all 3 are free I would take them in the order. My gamertag is c4nuck4life so let me know!!
  5. I'm from Winnipeg and I can tell you this. Claude Noel will be getting fired before any important player is moved. Our managemnt is very patient and the only the uneducated fans want Kane moved. Our GM knows the process of getting better and it doesn't happen overnight (or in 3 years after being a total bottom feeder). We're drafting a ton of defensmen, and centers. We have some good prospects in the system and our core has a couple more years to proove that they are top notch players before anything crazy happens with players. The only GAPPPPPING hole in our lineup is goaltending. Pavelec is getting worse if anything and I would probably see the Jets developping a goalie before they make a big splash and trade for a bonafide starter. My 2 cents.The Jets DO NOT NEED EDLER!!!!!!! Edler for Kane would be the dumbest trade in the history of the world. And trust me guys, all the hype about nobody liking Kane and all of the rumors about him being an asshole are total BS. Ignorant fans in Winnipeg don't realize what Kane can be.Buff EnstromBogo TroubaStuart ClitsomeEllerbyPardyPostmaRedmond