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  1. Music in 2017

    Rest in peace Peep.. Say what you want about his appearance/image but he has helped a lot of people through tough times with his music.
  2. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    My dog sees ghosts.
  3. Has anyone else seen this? It's so shocking/unbelievable that I question whether or not this was actually released in the JFK files.There are thousands of individual PDF docuents to go through that I am having a hard time finding it. The source isn't sketchy or anything but I want to see it in the archive with my own eyes before I start freaking out. If this is true WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS ** I don't know how to properly post the tweet, my bad. lo l**
  4. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him. Getting some love from the MMA community too! Haha miss Juice...
  5. What is your unpopular opinion?

    My unpopular opinion is that Bertuzzi did nothing wrong. Was no intent to permanently injure Moore he was just trying to beat his ass. Big difference. Wrong outcome. Not sure what the consensus is on this message board but this sure is an unpopular opinion around the rest of the leagues fan bases.
  6. No more Christmas Concerts for school kids. Santa is too politically incorrect nowadays. #rip
  7. Our Prime Minister is a straight Cuck, I voted him in only to legalize weed and I will be voting someone else next election. He has exceeded my expectations of cuckery but at least weed will be federally legal by July of 2018. I have an uncle who married in a different country and they had almost 2 years of REAL IMMIGRATION processes to get through so they could move here with her kid. Kind of seems a bit unfair to them when you see people just crossing the borders freely with open arms whenever they so choose. I think the vast majority are coming here for legitimate reasons but that still doesn't stop me from wondering what the hell is going on with that.
  8. Canada ain't no white super well assimilated country. we probably just do a slightly better job than the USA. Immigrants up here don't necessarily take interest in our culture either. You guys aren't special lol. A lot of the ones that are fleeing are coming north because they are scared of being deported based on their race. A lot of the people crossing over are from different parts of Africa. There are more immigrants than just Mexicans and Muslims eh. At the end of the day I think we can probably agree that the USA under its current government sounds rather nasty towards refugees/immigration and Canada is clearly way too loose in that regard. Hopefully we can all get our $&!# together and figure it out,
  9. People are willing and happy to lose their hands and fingers to get the hell out of your country. Don't wanna sound like a SJW but I imagine you aren't an overly oppressed part of the population living in poverty are you, lol. The USA is hell for a lot of people. #perspective
  10. I learned that all of the concussions I gave or received were worth the 15 years of fun I had. There isn't a lot else you can do to build close relationships than playing on a sports team. The pride and commradery you build with your team is something I'll never forget.
  11. McGregor vs Mayweather August 26th

    Paul admits it was a competitive, intense sparring session but he loses me when he gets upset when these pictures come out. According to Brendan Schaub who has become Paul's friend and is balls deep into the fight (commentary for Showtime, Fighter and the Kid/Big Brown Breakdown Podcasts) he texted and found out that Paul was pushed down now knocked down with strikes. My question is why doesn't he just stay quiet and wait for the fight to be over and then the truth can come out? Educated people know better and McGregors team is just promoting the fight with this stuff. The bigger the fight gets the more money he will make. He commentates for showtime and will be on the panel on Aug 26.
  12. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    I was wondering if you could maybe make me one for Todd Bertuzzi... Hes my faaaaaaaaaaav..... Not really sure the idea you seem to do a damn good job coming up with designs and stuff on your own but I guess just a "badass" one if that helps at all. Would be greatly appreciated! Been seeing your work on here for a while now its awesome. Thanks,
  13. Whats your favourite current saying?

    Yeah just these soundcloud rappers be saying it like that these days. Something I can't help myself to say when I'm drinking with friends.