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  1. Does Laine get zero credit for making his line better? I'm no statistician but I guarantee anyone put on a line with Laine gets a huge boost of points. Also why did this not apply to Panarin last year? Yeah. Not saying this decides the winner but I don't think that's a very valid argument. I read an article actually showing the advanced stats of how each players linemates play with and without them on their line. Laine makes his teammates A LOT better than Matthews does. Here's the full article Here is the part I am talking about. This is actually quite an impressive stat.
  2. They just released more supply drop items. New sniper, Mac10(submachinegun) and a new assault rifle? I cant even keep up anymore haha. New gun kits/camos all that jazz. It's been fun. They also redid downpour to make it bright outside. I wish that was how it was normally I hate downpour its so damn dark lol.
  3. Just thought I would start a discussion about the ever so close race between the above players for the Calder Trophy. Thoughts? Lets all try and be as objective as possible. I'm a Winnipeg fan so I've obviously watched Laine a lot more and I know we all hate Toronto but yeah, lets do our best. Personally instead of me stating who I think is better I would prefer to just go over some of the arguments that were made for each player that I think are just stupid. Laine having VETERAN line mates so his numbers are less meaningful: OK well I guess Sheifele has been in the league now a few years and really started producing last season but give me a break. He is by no means a veteran player. Ehlers is also just coming out this year. Lately it's been Perrault so I would admit he is a veteran player but by no means is he an all star caliber guy... Give the kid some credit. He changes the dynamic of the team and makes his line mates better. Not the other way around. Also how Panarin win if this argument is valid? Not sure why this has only come up this year. Matthews is playing with actual rookies ok cool. They're very talented rookies so I don't get it. If his line mates were Matt Martin and Brian Boyle I would totally agree. This argument should not be a factor when people are weighing in on who deserves the nod. They play different positions, so their responsibilities will vary a bit. For example. Laine doesn't take face offs. I've seen a stupid amount of arguments that because Laine can't win face offs he is a lesser player lol. I won't even get into this one more because of how stupid it is. Also being a centre requires you to be more responsible defensively. Laine definitely needs to learn the defensive side of his game but lets be honest. That will come with time. I will give Matthews the defensive play edge but other than that everything is dead even. Except the numbers. Laine has produced better numbers in less games. I have heard straw man arguments about how Laine has some empty net goals but jesus christ are we really going there? The only reason it sounds like im a butthurt Jets fan is because nobody is really criticizing Matthews. He's getting his credit where its due. But the bias media and the massive amount of Leaf fans are coming out with some ridiculous arguments as I've stated above. Both teams won the lottery with these guys. Both teams got the player they needed. I just thought this has been a fascinating year for the rookie race. Anyways they both probably deserve the trophy but only 1 player can win it. What do you guys think?
  4. Also BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Very key for me to be at all interested. I am not a fan of the jumping around bs.
  5. The salt coming is real
  6. I think we just have total opposite opinions on this subject. They are choosing to be employed and play hockey knowing the rules and the risks involved. They are not forced to do this. I also think the league can do some improvement on the safety but I would move more towards making safer equipment, education and more punishment for illegal hits. The whole suicide thing is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed but again I think they can do it by having resources for players that struggle with mental illness whether it's caused by brain trauma, their upbringing etc or a combination of these factors. A lot of that had a lot to do with drug abuse and the league and some current/retired players are coming forward to help with this major issue. I would be shocked if people wouldn't take the deal I mentioned about taking 20 years off their lives to play hockey for a living and be wealthy and setup for their family by the time they turned 40. But that's just me. Would be very interesting to get a poll about that.
  7. That guy looked like some of the "retarded" kids that I grew up playing with. Looks like he barely knew how to skate. lol... derp
  8. We should just educate the athletes better on what type of injuries they can expect, and what head injuries can cause. I just don't think there are many players that would stop playing. The risk reward involved in hockey is well worth the risks. Hell, I played hockey as a hobby growing up and suffered a few concussions and I would never go back in time and not play to save myself from those. Was some of the most fun I'll probably ever have in my life. It was worth it without a doubt. If you told me that I could make millions of dollars between the age of 18-40 playing the sport I love but the other side of the deal would be it would take say 20 years off the end of my life I bet the yay would drown out the nays. These guys know what theyre signing up to nowadays. There is no need to change the game. Players will adapt.
  9. The NHL is going to turn into Women's hockey at this rate. BORING
  10. #blackhelicopters #tower7 #chemtrails #malkinnevergetssuspended Pretty much this. On a serious note though, it couldn't be any more obvious that there is some type of bias/double standard regarding who they suspend based on what kind of player the perpetrator and the victim are. Drives me nuts.
  11. I have no problem with this suspension, maybe it should be longer but he is a first time offender, and this still hurts him and the team having him out of the lineup. I think we should all just be happy they actually looked at this this hit. Last week when the Jets were in Pittsburgh Malkin delivered an illegal check to Wheelers head and there wasn't even a hearing. He left his feet and made contact with his head... Some homers in Winnipeg are stupid enough to argue that somehow Trouba didn't deserve supplemental discipline and that is absurd. My issue is the clear inconsistency. The hits aren't identical but how on earth can you justify this hit as only worth a 2 minute penalty? Both of these hits warranted a suspension. But what a coincidence that Malkin doesn't even get a phone call. It's gross. Wheeler is our CAPTAIN. Imagine if this was Crosby getting hit like this. CAHHMANNNN *skip to 1:25 for the replays*
  12. Yeah I've been consistently getting at least half rare epic or legendary for the past month since my buddy told me to stop buying advanced ones. Could just be luck though. The way its been going for me I get probably 4-5 of the rare/epic/legendary out of the 9 drops I get for buying 3 reg drops, and then I end up getting bonus parts because the 4-5 whites I get I usually have them so it's nice. Same same lol I just like opening more things haha.
  13. One thing I can say from buying both advanced and normal supply drops is that it isn't worth buying advanced. I get rare, epic and legendary? items from the regular ones and you can buy 3 for the price of 1. You end up with more parts with duplicate items and more chances at better drops. Thought I would share this with any of you like me that started off buying advanced supply drops.
  14. I can at least say that it's fair for all players availability wise. Get lucky in supply drops or just buy each item with parts. Can't say that about some previous COD games. I play hardcore SND so no weapon really seems OP because you die almost instantly anyways. Might be something to consider if you guys find it too much in regular game modes.
  15. Hey man I never said I was right. I am purely giving my uneducated opinion. Stop attacking me you're way to aggro about this on a Canucks Message Board.