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  1. This is the face you see on the plaque at the front of the FHHOF! This guy has to be the originator. Of course inside the hall there would have to be a bronze statue of Eddie Shack twirling his handlebar moustache.
  2. Does Huddy make the Facial Hair HOF? We know Babych is a first ballot inductee and that Kevin Lowe doesn't have a prayer.
  3. If even a tenth of the members in this forum had the same passion for the history of this game you had it would be be a much better place! As a fellow historian I echo your sentiment. My fervent hope is that 40 years from now, when discussing the merits of who should be enshrined in 2060, the name of Kevin Lowe is cited as evidence of lowest rung of HOF recognition. Lowering the bar any further would discredit the institution, in my opinion.
  4. For me lowering the bar is just bad news as it devalues what should be a meaningful acknowlegement (and celebration) of excellence. The only time lowering the bar was good was when I had to make the grade six high jump standard in PE. Thank you Coach Fridge.
  5. Absolutely Babych! They'd be naming streets after him in the Oil. Switch Lowe with Babych and I'm convinced there aren't 7 all star appearances or 6 cups, or any. Kevin Lowe is a circumstantial HOFer. He's a CHOFER!
  6. The simple truth is this, there was nothing special or extraordinary about Kevin Lowe, certainly nothing that sets him apart from a long list of defensive minded defence man in his era. If Doug Lidster had been lucky enough to play his formative years on that Oiler team of the eighties, he would be the one heading to the hall of fame. For Kevin Lowe it was right place right time and while team accomplishments do factor in when the HOF voters make their determinations, for some of us who watch the game and appreciate the skills needed to make a long career in this league, there are a myriad of similarly skilled d-men who are every bit as worthy to heap praise upon.
  7. This is the kind of cock-eyed optimism that’s missing from my life right now! I want to argue with a good portion of what you say here but I’m somehow warmed by your take and have decided I want all of this to be true. I can play the contrarian another day.
  8. Can't say I find much of a parallel between Sid's balanced take on the autonomy JBrack might have been seeking within the organization and Ian MacIntyre's scathing rebuke of JBenn's recent draft record (while posing as an overly eager fanboy falling at the feet of the Prospect Whisperer) that you have quoted here.
  9. I appreciate your going through the motions. If there's a weariness in your request, I totally get it.
  10. Total tongue in cheek by the way but, yes, Biech could be an able replacement.
  11. And replace the Prospect Whisperer? Can't be done.
  12. Best version is live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony a few years ago.
  13. zimmy

    Judd Brackett

    What has and what continues to puzzle me is, with this collection of independent sources in mind, why we haven't moved past the "there's disconnect/mistrust/acrimony between the parties" reporting stage? Have I missed something? I'm sure that the timing of any type of clarification or indeed official announcement is tied to new timelines moving us through and to the end of this season and that is why the story seems to have stalled. I can infer that but its not based in fact so I'm hesitant. What is stopping all these sources (who seem to know so much about the inner workings of Canucks hockey ops) from reporting that JBRACK is categorically done? That either he or the team or both are moving on? Why start this $%##storm without reporting further to give this whole episode proper context? Why the silence, the lack of further detail, why the gag order? Who is the puppet master? Is there a puppet master?
  14. What about helmets ? Do Dave Schultz and Don Saleski have to follow new protection protocols? And what about hair for that matter? Do all players have to grow their dos out until they they can sport thick, lush, asymmetric 70’s style mops?
  15. zimmy

    Judd Brackett

    Fred, is it possible you are able to back up your allegations that Jim has somehow been remiss in his communications with JBrack? Who might the fly on the wall be? As well, you seem quite sure Jim has put his own interests ahead of the team's. Do you have the names of the NHL scouts or others who have divulged this incendiary bit of intel?