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  1. 1. mid-summer click bait 2. meaningless drivel Take your pick (or pick both)
  2. Especially Reinhart. The epitome of smooth, smart and classy.The best defenceman who ever played for Vancouver. I can only imagine what he might be able to teach our young d-men about transitioning the puck forward (although he still might be working on getting that message through to Griffen!).
  3. Gino would no doubt serve as great inspiration, however, the trick is to find someone whose sublime on ice skills have never been surpassed by anyone wearing a Canucks uniform. I'm sure Gino knows his number.
  4. Perhaps only the Canucks had Jake ranked in the top ten? It's a mystery as to how they missed all the signs you so ably assembled (I found all that fascinating by the way). Do you have a guess as to where he would have been selected in the draft had Jimbo not jumped the gun? It would seem that for a never ever good player we might have been able to snag him with a 4th or 5th rounder. TIC
  5. that's what she said ...... just kidding! (actually, that's what she said)
  6. second rule - assume all our actions occur in a vacuum
  7. The biggest question in all of this, in my opinion, that nobody from the tanker community has seemed to address, is how does management keep this strategy secret? What if other franchises catch wind of this ploy? I'm thoroughly convinced that there are other teams, having seen the scouting reports, realize what a top 3 pick will bring them next year? Won't they try to tank as well? I think its high time we put all of this tank talk on the "down low" lest we blow our present advantage. (TIC)
  8. As someone who reads these threads with great interest (if not voraciously) but comments only occasionally (almost never), I couldn't agree more about the strategy of "eye rolling". If only it was left at that. The "eye roll", like the "mic drop" is a statement which signifies finality. Nothing more need be said. It loses it's impact with each even well intended retort. Or have I missed the entire point of these forums? (tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. True enough but providing leadership and serving as an example to younger players can't be underestimated. Also, I'm wondering how big a ticke Alzner is going to be considering the haul of Dmen Vegas extracted and now have as poker chips. I agree though, that we don't need or want the equivalent of an Erickson type of acquisition for the blueline.
  10. Anybody got money on George McPhee to pick up GM of the Year award? I'm sure a special write in ballot can be arranged.
  11. Our identity should be that of a team that imposes its will in every situation that might arise in a game or series. In this pursuit we require players who refuse to be outdone or out worked. They would,of course,need the requisite skill to perform above and beyond but more importantly the mental fortitude take control of what transpires on the ice. Anything short of this ideal relegates the team to a return to the type of mediocrity we suffered in the 70's, 80's, half of the 90's and the last several years.
  12. All time classic HockeyDB fact checking response, with tongue firmly in cheek I might add. A perfect return of a big, fat, lazy serve. I applaud you sir! Thanks for making my afternoon!
  13. No love for Ronnie Stern? He loved throwin' them judging by his 42 majors in 97 total games for the Canucks. He didn't win all of them but he was always willing to shed blood for this team.
  14. OJ not mentioned in the 2015-2016 poll either (just sayin')
  15. From my slightly teetering limb over here (I've been reading without pause this morning), can I suggest that the "losing with Boucher" approach is not always the most effective way of fostering the types of long term, effective habits we want to instill in our players? Someone I'm sure will site the exception, but certainly in our local experience, I"m at a loss to recall a time when the teams fortunes turned on the purposeful over indulgence of youth.