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    Hockey, Drum and Bass music (hence my user name) and my job I really like my job which most people find strange cause it seams every hates their job.
  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    NOOOOO I left during the credits, what did I miss?? PM me if need be pls.
  2. Actually it wasn't even a bar, it's was a restaurant/pub (they were getting dinner) but like you said the negative media puts their own spin on things. That's why I rarely read local media anymore. to depressing. good read.
  3. Dave "cement head" semenko was my favorite player growing up. Love the user name and pic :)

  4. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    lol, nice
  5. At least Canucks fans and Oilers fans all have one thing in common. We both HATE the LAMES!!!!!!!!

  6. Well we do have 2 mods on that forum, have you noticed any decrease of troll threads?

  7. I know i'm not trying to put it on you i'm just frustrated cause I wanna come on here to see some canucks talk and half of it is just bashing by trolls....well I guess the playoffs do start soon so they will be coming out of the wood work about now :)

  8. I didn't even lock the threads. (No power in those forums) Just telling you why the admin team won't do it.

  9. actually it is kinda bright people seen it twice didn't they. I'm not the only one who think so ether. Just wish their was something more you guys could do to stop things like that.

  10. So I guess all topics pertaining new trolls get locked now. I agree with you, I stared a topic with a poll about not letting new members start topics and the shut it down with in 30 seconds.

  11. Thanks and Hi!

  12. Ahhh. Sorry about that. I forgot I disabled comments. Hope you're having a good evening. :)

  13. Went to say hi back but no Comments box so ...hello :)