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  1. Cricket

    Sachin tendulkar... aka God of cricket is playing his last ranji trophy innings. . And next month he will play his last test match 200th for him against the west indies... what a legend
  2. Cricket

    All ipl games are streamed high quality free on www.timesofindia.com
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    naah. i dont think we need him
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    all he does is score GWGs he's expendable
  5. Cricket

    Hehe yes. U stole my words
  6. Cricket

    what a game what a final what a world cup the intensity of the final was amazing here is a video of us vancouverites enjoying the moment
  7. Cricket

    It's partially true No country has won world cup on home soil ever. Intact the closest one to do so was Sri Lanka in 1996 when India pakistan and Sri lanka jointly co hosted. The final was in Lahore , Pakistan when Sri lanka beat Australia. So technically no one has won in their home country. But a host country has won it Time for India to rewrite the history books Sri lanka has had an easier road to the finals than india. This can work against India too. They can be battle ready or tired after overcoming Australia & Pakistan. While Sri lanka made minced meat of England and newzealand It'll be a great game of cricket none the less India Pakistan games are more than cricket. They are virtual simulations of war in a cricketing environment Sachin winning wc in his home town, Canucks presidents trophy winners and Stanley cup bound. Life is looking good Chak de India Go Canucks go
  8. Cricket

    atn on yourcable. But it's ppv. $9.99 per game.
  9. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    go whitecaps
  10. Cricket

    Canada vs Australia going on right now. Canada won the toss and elected to bat. Had a promising start. Australia seems to be getting the grip back. 153/4 after 30 overs jimmy hansra just got out.
  11. Cricket

    congratz canada. First victory of the world cup. Outplayed kenya. Good game. Led by captain ashish bagai. Great bowling by man of the match henry osinde. Good knock by jimmy hansra from abbotsford.
  12. Cricket

    O well....... the bowling and fielding were great , the batting on the other hand.... not so much, but Pakistan Bowling was really hard to play against, specially for a team like Canada
  13. Cricket

    damn u afridi
  14. Cricket

    Canadian inexperience being exploited by Afridi's experienced bowling
  15. Cricket

    Canada 112-5 needs 73 in 86 balls Abbotsford's Jimmy Hansra playing confidentally on 43 not out with Tyson Gordon originally from Jamaica