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  1. word bro
  2. Great post.....bravo
  3. Spot on mate. Pathetic really
  4. Daniel and Henrik Schneider Tanti Hordichuck Ohlund Bieksa
  5. "Scottish people"?
  6. Chelsea should have had a penalty for Smalling holding Ivanovic but Rojo and Terry was not a penalty but to say the ref cost them the game is embarrassing. United more than deserved a point. What none of you (shocking) are talking about is that Ivanovic had 3 warnings in the first half before he was finally booked, Fabregas stood 1 yard from the ball every time we had a free kick, refusing to let United get on with the game, a yellow card offence every time. The amount of times Chelsea players kicked the ball away after the whistle, a yellow card offence every time. Whenever Di Maria got the ball he was practically assaulted. No mention either of the holding that Terry and Cahill get away with every corner, free kick etc.....the art of defending that is part of the game, always has been always will be. You have to be stronger to get to the ball. If you want to cry about referees then lets look at the penalties United should have had this season and have not been given. 2 against Swansea, 2 against Sunderland, 1 against Burnley, 1 against West Brom and also look at the penalties given against us that never were.....Leicester and Everton.....again, surprisingly no mention yet it is United that always cry about referees!!!! This thread is comical, the lack of football knowledge here is embarrassing.....stick to the Canucks and hockey boys where you can continue to whinge about referees until your heart is content
  7. Ancelotti took Enrique to school in the second half. Madrid were magnificent second half, Isco and Modric just terrific
  8. sent you a message.....hope that helps. looks like Southampton are going 2nd!!!
  9. granted, you don't hear it as much as you did before Mansoor's billions. The fact is though, the only game that sells out at City is the derby. I don't suppose we will ever agree on this so lets move on ;-) How long does Audrey Roberts have left? He desperately needs a performance and a result next Sunday!!!
  10. 100% agree. He would look rather foolish if he went to Bayern after all he has said. Only place I can see him going is Real.....I would love him at United though
  11. metro.....hahaha...Eklund is more reliable!!!! we'll see though......I would happily have a hefty wager he does not end up at Anfield
  12. I am indeed scared, we have Chelsea on Sunday
  13. The MEN are reporting this morning that there is no contract offer nor does the player want one. Van Gaal has invited him to train to help his recovery from injury.....that makes more sense. Valdes is looking for a number 1 spot somewhere, apparently he turned down invites to train with Liverpool and Arsenal
  14. agreed, will be interesting to see how this pans out
  15. Victor Valdes training with United with a view to a permanent 2 year deal.....fantastic back up for De Gea. Along with his vast experience, Valdes distribution is terrific, an area DDG can really improve in. Hope it works out for him