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  1. Scotland the brave. Congratulations and thank you Scotland. Never been more proud to be a Scot

  2. Trainspotting is a heartwarming family drama. Would recommend

  3. Carl Froch....what a punch!!! night night Georgey boy

  4. Papa Glazer dead.....stay classy reds!!!

  5. HIRE AV!!!!!!

    1. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Hire K7ng Henrik!!!

    2. Tearloch7


      Hire AV as the new DJ?

    3. Langdon Algur

      Langdon Algur

      but I hear he sucks in the playoffs, right? :)

  6. how's the sellout streak going?

  7. Happy Hogmanay readers and all the very best for 2014

  8. Happy annual gift giving day readers. All the best xx

  9. Tahiti > England

  10. Happy Birthday Georgie Best........RIP

    1. nuckin_futz


      He had the best quote ever. When he came to Canada he saw a sign that said "Drink Canada Dry". To which he grinned and said "I'll do my best".

    2. nuckin_futz


      TB, noticed on your profile you're in Euxton. I was born just north of you in Preston.

    3. topbananas


      yeah, he had some great quotes, another was when he was asked what he had done with all his money, he replied "most of it went on booze and women, the rest I just squandered" Im actually in Bamber Bridge now, must update my page ha ha. Go to uni in Preston

  11. I dont want your "thanks" Michael.D.Gillis

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    2. Scott Hartnell's Mane

      Scott Hartnell's Mane

      ^^ excellent point.

    3. ChenWei91


      Regular season means $h!t if you lose in an embarrassing fashion during the playoffs.

    4. Scott Hartnell's Mane

      Scott Hartnell's Mane

      I'd trade all the division titles and conference titles for one stanley Cup. If Gillis really wants to thank the fans...THAT would suffice.

  12. off to Old Trafford for a highly emotional day.....there will be tears a plenty #thankyouSirAlex

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Greatest Manager in Football ever...Hate the team, respect the genius.

  13. off to Old Trafford for a highly emmotional

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Haha. Are you drunk already tb? Enjoy the game.

  14. was just driving down the A6 through Chorley and was behind a car with a Vancouver scarf in the back window and a Luongo jersey hanging from the rear view mirror!!! made my night (that last bit pissed the mrs off)

  15. Go to bed last night celebrating United winning the league again, wake up this morning to celebrate the Canucks winning the NW division again......decent.

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      And Celtic winning the league at the weekend, right?

    2. topbananas


      of course, some acheivement that

  16. I hope thats the last we see of Luis Suarez in England. Those inside Klandfield will tell us he didnt mean it, it is how they say hello in his country or something like that. Its never their fault.......

    1. :D


      I don't follow any of this.



      I think he bit off more than he can chew in England, myself -- ba dum ch

    3. Hugemanskost


      I love Reds, but, I think Suarez may have played his last game at Anfield. Great footballer, terribly troubled human. Good riddance. There is no excuse for biting an opponent. If the club defends him, I may switch allegiances.

  17. the oilers and ducks play each other on back to back odd!!

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      What surprises me is it's not a home and home. I feel dirty for saying this, but go Oilers.

    2. topbananas


      yeah, it is a strange one but Im with you and I dont feel bad about it at all ha ha.....GO OILERS

  18. Penticton Open July 17th-20th, great event, lots n lots of fun and a bit of good weather golf :-) Flights are booked and I cannot wait!!!

    1. NucksPatsFan


      you're flying to penticton? hope you're an out of BC'er

    2. topbananas


      No, Im flying to Vancouver and driving to Penticton

  19. just back after a 24 hour ban....what did I miss????

    1. peener


      canucks talk

  20. Blackhawks lose.....league orders immediate enquiry into officiating

    1. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      illuminati style!


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    2. topbananas
    3. ManUtd


      Heartbreaker. It was right there for the taking and then that effing stupid call ripped it all away.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Both are my most hated teams....still want United to win lol

  22. Ryder Cup time, come on Europe, bring it home

  23. topbananas

    Funniest CDC post ever!

    didnt really make me chuckle much. have seen much much funnier. sorry