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  1. yeah, i'll let you know. i'm so tired cuz of school tho, and i have a slight headache right now =(

    omg..we had course planning at our school today, so my courses are final for the next 2 years. =S

  2. that's the spirit! :D

    Anywyz gd luck today, lemme know how u guys do :P

  3. yeah. well, now it's today. lol. anywyz...it'll be kinda hard since i'd be running, eh? but i'll try...lol.

  4. ahh ic

    ur playoffs start tmrw rite?

    ok, when u get a breakaway heres what i want u to do :

    think u can pull it off? :P

  5. lol. well, our format is like a tournament...all the teams play, and they get eliminated from the tourney...i also play softball, and the playoffs work that way too (as a tournament :P)

    and there's only 4 teams in our district, the final playoffs is the top teams from the district of richmond and vancouver :D

  6. AHAHA..rite ..by accident :P

    so r u guys in first place? whats ur playoff format like?

  7. lol. yeah, well, in our floor hockey league, there's not a lot of hitting. one of our d-(wo)men got kicked out of the game for elbowing someone....by accident. lol.

  8. oo ic lol

    yea! ovie's a beast, love the way he plays and his personality hahah. My friends tell me i play mre like alex semin..a really good dangler, with a nice shot..but i try to hit more :D

  9. lol. well, there are only 2 lines in our flockey league. and it's not rlly like first line is better than second...lol. anywyz..no, ovie is like a goal scorer right...well, then i'm like the crosby on my team..i'm the amazing passer =P

    is oveckin ur fav player?

  10. so r u like the ovechkin on the team? :P

  11. ugh...end of last comment is:

    about defensive liability (unless you don't have a fixed position =P)

  12. yeah, there's a lot of running. and longer shifts too. but then if the puck is kept in ur own zone, then the d is working and the forwards are just walking around following the play, but then they've always got to be ready for the puck to come into their own zone cuz they can't cross the line...and another good thing is that the positions are set...forwards don't need to worry abou

  13. haha what a coincidence :D

    yea i actually find floor hockey to take more stamina than ice hockey cause of all the running ..ice hockey if ur tired u can glide ..but floor hockey if ur tired u cant really glide..just walk i guess..:P

  14. yeah, i play right wing for second line too :P

    sometimes i have to play left wing tho...and i hate center too. in floor hockey, you have to run too much between the zones. lol.

  15. i played rw for the 2nd line, hate playin centre..too much backchecking :D