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  1. This is how our forwards currently stand: D.Sedin H.Sedin Hansen Higgins Sutter Burrows Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Etem Granlund Dorsett
  2. This guy is going to be an absolute beast for us. He is going to be a top 3 guy in the league in 6 or 7 years IMHO.
  3. No, no... it's a "Re-TOOL".
  4. First we needed a re-start. Now we need a re-tool. Next we'll need a re-build.
  5. I think next season there will be 3 or 4 pieces changing on this team. I don't know about bold moves but I think if we don't make the playoffs then he needs to sit down with the whole team and ask if everyone or anyone is willing to be traded because the core chemistry needs to be changed. Before next season lots of teams will be making changes, this year we are stuck with what we got. We will not trade away any young guys. We need them on our team. I would like to see the Sedins on the 2nd line next year, and I would like to see a new first line emerge. I think Kesler should maybe play wing, or go back to being a 3rd line defensive center. I also think this season Danial should play winger with Kesler playing centre and maybe Higgins on the other wing. Line 2 maybe Henrik between burrows and Kassian. Perhaps a lot of what Torts was trying at the beginning of the year should be tried again. We need some fresh talented blood on this team next season. This core is heading towards a dead end.
  6. It's funny, just the other day I said we should call Burrows "Mr. Clutch".
  7. Better to wait until next year when he hits free agency.
  8. I feel the only way Jensen would make the Cnaucks is if he could play on the 2nd line. The problem is, that Kesler will not start the season and so we cannot tell if Jensen will have chemistry with Kesler. In order for Jensen to have a good shot at starting on the 2nd line we need Kesler to be 100%. It's too bad because Canucks really need a young guy like Jensen to earn a spot on the 2nd line. I guess we will have to wait until the following season.
  9. 4 or 5 years from now Canucks will struggle against Oilers.
  10. Edmonton was more desperate and made promises that Gillis could not.... simple as that. Plus they sure have a heck of a lot of young star forwards to grow with...
  11. Kickassian
  12. over rated, over payed, not very good value for the dollar
  13. If Hemsky was a player the Canucks wanted to re-sign then that trade would work, but the Canucks don't want or need him.
  14. Maybe we could just Borrow Getslaf and Perry instead of actually trading for them.
  15. Good Post!