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  1. This is how our forwards currently stand: D.Sedin H.Sedin Hansen Higgins Sutter Burrows Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Etem Granlund Dorsett
  2. Are we still talking about this guy?
  3. The lines need to be reformulated. Vrbata needs to be on the first. Higgins and Bonino need to be split up. Bonino has to stay 2nd line centre. Kassian and Matthias could be split up too, spread the size out. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Burrows Bonino Kassian Matthias Richards Hansen Higgins Horvat Dorsett Why not try that out for 5 games?
  4. Sedin Sedin Burrows Vrbata Bonino Kassian Matthias Richardson Dorsett Hansen Horvat Higgins Vey / Sestito Tanev Edler Hamhuis Bieksa Sbisa Weber Stanton Miller / Lack We make the playoffs.
  5. I like this, I would sit Vey over Dorsett. It would be interesting to see... I am not sure about Matthias-Bonino-Kassian. If we could get these guys producing as our 2nd line that would be awesome.
  6. thoughts? None.
  7. I think there is going to be a lot more cohesiveness this season, everyone is going to be on the same page and that should make a big difference in the standings compared to last year. I think there will be a better overall feeling in the dressing room, I think we are going to be a much better "team". We have so many new ingredients and different intangibles that will contribute to the Canucks overall success. Almost everyone had an off year last season, so now we are a middle of the pack team. We could turn that around if everyone lives up to their potential.
  8. If Brendan Morrison was a first line centre, I think Linden Vey can be one too.
  9. awesome!
  10. This concept needs a lot more work...
  11. Listened to all 3 so far - been great! I just want to hear some more "damn" swearing please.
  12. This guy is going to be an absolute beast for us. He is going to be a top 3 guy in the league in 6 or 7 years IMHO.
  13. Lets go back to Black Yellow and Red
  14. This is interesting, we basically have two very solid 3rd lines. 1st and 2nd lines have potential for some good chemistry. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Burrows Bonino Matthias Kassian Vey Jensen Higgins Richardson Hansen Dorsett
  15. That is the kind of trade that is realistic for Kane. However Burrows has a no trade clause. Burrows has lived in Winnipeg before, so it is remotely possible he would wave.