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  1. Marner is not as advertised by the Eastern media. He's no Patty Kane, and don't be surprised if he becomes no better than Jaden Schwartz. I understand the London Knights connection, but why the Leafs took him over Hanifin is beyond me...
  2. One of my first memories as a hockey fan was when King absolutely scorched the earth for that one month.
  3. Nice. I was kinda rooting for NJ to sign him but now I get to see him play at MSG when the Rangers play us in November!
  4. Haha nice.
  5. Mason is available for a high profile forward. Rinne could also be available is somebody absolutely blows my socks off with an offer.
  6. MSG bound Nov. 8!!!!!!

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    2. LuckyLuciano


      ^^actually sales still on till end of today, check to book for December if you want.

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      I think I have to wait for 2 more years. Central America this fall, Mexico or South America next fall, lead up to Christmas in New York as early as 2018. 


      1st world problems. 


      $460 round trip is pretty dece, the thing that would kill me is wanting to ball it up in a swank Manhattan hotel, plus all the events and dinners I'd shell out for. That's why I keep putting it off.

    4. LuckyLuciano


      I know what you mean, i settled for a small airbnb in upper west ny. Only 1 knicks game on during my stay and stubhubs already 950 eaxh for decent seats

  7. Kek
  8. Michael Downing
  9. Casey Nelson
  10. Evan Rodrigues
  11. Elvis Merzļikins
  12. Anton Forsberg
  13. Stihl


    6:07 - what a pass…..

    1. ItsMillerTime


      That was the best Junior Team in my opinion. Most fun to watch also.

  15. I am in LOVEJOY with my Penguins squad! Laine - Crosby - Hornqvist Johanssen - Henrique - Iginla DiGiuseppe - Lowry - Anderson Martinsen - VandeVelde - Smith-Pelley Wood White Quenneville Bertuzzi Lipon Nattinen Ekholm - Tanev Despres - Manson Emelin - Beauchimen Lovejoy Svedberg Auvitu Mason Domingue Gudlevskis Tbh I'm pretty happy with how everything has turned out (thus far). Thoughts?