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  1. Jack Hughes wearing #86. I just noticed that that's 43 x 2. Lmao.

    1. morrissex95


      He wore #86 when he played in the GTHL 

    2. 112


      it's also 43 + 43

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Too bad Luke can't have #129

  2. I'm not entirely sure about that - and I don't think it's really at all that close, especially when you start with the first three names on that list from the 2011 squad. The Sedins were in their prime and two of the most dominant players in the league, and Kesler (love him or hate him) was an unstoppable force who was a pain in the ass to play against and potted 40 goals that season. Oh yeah, and Luuuuu. I'm very excited for next season and think we'll make the playoffs, but that 2011 squad was a special, SPECIAL team. It's not really fair to compare the two, yet. Also, 2011 Malhotra > Sutter. Every day of the week.
  3. He's frickin' good. Too bad he plays for that sad sack organization.
  4. Dhaliwal now vs. 6 months ago. Oh my.
  5. That's irrational thinking imho.