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  1. Really hoping to see some highlights of him soon.
  2. How long till Guddy is expected back?
  3. Lmao.
  4. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive. I've had some things to take care of in my personal life. Let me know if you have any enquiries or questions about any players. HV.
  5. It's not a significant difference but I think that Granny deserves a B+. Sbisa at only a C means whoever made these rankings hasn't really watched any of our games.
  6. Damn I like this guy. I'd rather have him than Boucher.
  7. This thread is why I hate the World Juniors.
  8. Everyone panic!! Rabble rabble rabble.
  9. The three I listed were just examples. So yes, Patrick as well. However my dream would be Hischier this year and Andrei Svechnikov next year.
  10. As long as we walk out of the draft with a highly skilled player, I'm happy. Tolvanen, Hischier, Mittelstadt, I don't care.
  11. No way. RIP.
  12. @ThrustyPrusty89 you might be the only person who loves the Granlund brothers more than I do.
  13. Tolvanen's destined for greatness. He's going to be an elite player in the NHL.
  14. Agreed.
  15. Confirmed.