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  1. Roman Polak on the Stars too.
  2. I can buy it. So in your opinion, what's the kind of trade for Boeser you'd hope for (specific example)? In my head, I've always imagined a scenario where the Blues want to re-sign Pietrangelo, so we trade Boeser for Parayko, and then the Blues offload a guy like Schwartz for futures.
  3. Agreed about Hughes. But lol, Miiler who arguably could have won team MVP won the unsung hero award? Freaking LOL. In a way (although he wouldn't actually care) it's almost a slap in the face to him.
  4. Hot take: the Yotes win the lottery and pick Lafreniere, then they sign Matthews when his contract is up. :P

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Taylor Hall's draft luck continues

    2. BettyWhites44


      I was actually thinking the same thing, either them or Philadelphia.  Lafreniere would really suit Philly's system but would love to have him in Vancouver flanking the left side for Petey and Boeser! :bigblush:

  5. For defence, I think Tryamkin, Rathbone & Barrie sign and Tanev & Stecher go. Hughes - Tryamkin Edler - Myers Rathbone - Barrie Juolevi Brisebois
  6. Might be a tad bit off the board at 3, but if I was picking at 3 I would take Cole Perfetti. He's a hockey player's hockey player. Next Stevie Y.
  7. We're still allowed to joke....... right???
  8. Daniel & Henrik Sedin Award - Markstrom Cyclone Taylor Trophy - Miller Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy - Hughes Pavel Bure Award - Hughes Fred J. Hume Award - Tanev
  9. I'm confident that Benning will find a way to rebuild our D.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's an elite D man by any means, but he would certainly fill a need as a big, tall top-4 Dman. I might get flamed for this, but I'd even do Virtanen + Rathbone for him. Trust me, that wouldn't be as bad as the Hall for Larsson deal. But, he's a rare comodity that's VERY hard to find. It's important to note too that until Dahlin came around, Buffalo had these unrealistic expectations of him being their #1 Dman. Now that they have Dahlin, and a right side of Montour, Miller & Jokiharju, Risto is expendable for them - and I think he'd fit like a glove in a top-4 of Hughes, Myers, Edler (for now) and Ristolainen. I'm also hoping that we find a way to sign Barrie (who I think will inevitably become a Canuck at some point), and then Briesbois, a guy who we've steadily developed, steps in and is ready to play. And then there's Tram, who I think will be signed once the cap is figured out. Hughes - Ristolainen Edler - Myers Tryamkin/Briesbois - Barrie And I'm not quite as sold of Rafferty as others are.
  11. Agreed. I'm hoping that such a package (and maybe a little more) could fetch us say, Risto.