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  1. Rathbone's great but he's no Jordan Subban.
  2. From BCNU: BCNU is working hard to ensure that vulnerable members, such as nurses who are immune-compromised or pregnant and potentially at higher risk of serious impact of COVID-19, are provided with fast-tracked medical accommodations during the outbreak. There should be no requirement to provide medical notes under the current circumstances, however medical confirmation may be required following the COVID-19 crisis. PROCESS Requests for accommodation should be initiated by individual members who should contact their manager to begin the process. If needed, members can seek assistance from their steward or Enhanced Disability Management Program rep. Managers should attempt to accommodate through redeployment to non-risk areas, allow working from home or assigning other appropriate work. Where accommodation is not possible, nurses should stay home and be able to access sick leave, federal employment insurance (EI) benefits or, if needed, other banks such as vacation or overtime banks.
  3. Viruses mutate, don't ya know! The virus is here to stay and unfortunately people we all know will eventually perish, but it's just a matter of when. That's the reality of the situation.
  4. Doctors and nurses don't have to work if they show (even just cold-like) symptoms. The positive to this is that it'll prevent the spread but the downside is that there will eventually be a shortage of doctors and nurses. I'm not sure if this is what will end up happening, but when it gets to this point (which it will), 4th year nursing students, medical students, etc. should be called upon to provide aid - because, what other options will there be? We're at war right now and we need troops.
  5. 100%. I'm not one to overreact but this coronavirus is a big deal. My dad's a doctor and my girlfriend's an emergency nurse, and both are at this point largely in favour of martial law if people can't cooperate. It should be as matter-of-fact as it sounds: just stay home (but many aren't getting the memo...). It's true that 20-30% of colds and flus you've had were from a kind of coronavirus, but those coronaviruses effected the upper respiratory tract, whereas this particular one effects the lower respiratory tract - so those who have asthma, pneumonia, are immunosuppressed, old, etc. are in serious jeopardy. This is a VERY big deal. Although everyone will eventually get through this pandemic, it definitely slows the process when you have idiots like those who have been partying it up Miami over the spring break. The healthcare system is Canada is already too overwhelmed, so it's about preventing the spread. Lots of people are going to die from this, yes, but preventing the spread is of utmost importance. I know that over in China there were extreme measures taken to keep people inside, but it's paid off. I'm all for martial law at this point. People hate being told what to do, but still, there are extreme measures that are going to have to be taken because people aren't taking this as seriously as they should. Some people really don't give a sh^% if more people die. There's just selfishness, everywhere.
  6. Is there any reason why he couldn't play for us if the season resumes in July? His contract is up in April and he's on our reserve list, so....
  7. I had a nightmare last night where Jim Hughson said "David Desharnais".

    1. Alflives


      I had a nightmare where David Desharnais was signing, “ Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

    2. Phil_314


      Did he make it as a member of the All-Name Team?

    3. Phil_314


      Did he make it as a member of the All-Name Team?

  8. I get to do the remainder of my micro and patho over the internet and then I can apply for my program.
  9. It's crazy... and about 23% of Italy's population consists of people 60 or over.
  10. Feeling a lot of positivity. I'm hoping for a huge week from this team. We need to outplay Calgary the rest of the way and I absolutely think this team is capable of it.
  11. The Islanders are also an interesting conundrum... They added Pageau at the deadline but they have been dropping games like crazy as well.
  12. I guess Eklund was right... this team only has 4 more wins in 'em.