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  1. Scoring - especially because Hoffman and Dadonov are going to free agency. Ekblad is one of the very few guys I'd actually trade Boeser for, but even so, I don't see how Florida could possibly justify trading Ekblad.
  2. I think this is a pretty understated factor, but Pietrangelo just lost to us in the playoffs. This means, that if he was able to see/experience first-hand what we're capable of, he might be more inclined to sign with us if we show interest.
  3. Well, yeah. Ekblad is one of only a handful of guys I'd actually trade Boeser for. A 23-year old RD1 doesn't grow on trees.
  4. I'd do something along the lines of Virtanen + Gaudette for Carlo + Kuraly
  5. Why would he only be dealt with cap dump and/or to a budget team? Virt's next contract will be on a pretty team friendly type of deal, so even a team that's squeezed against the cap (like a Boston) might look to him as an option to shore up their offensive depth? I think you're just making things up in your own head, tbh. Not seeing any merit behind your sentiment at all.
  6. Okay that straightens things up for me. Thanks! If guys like Michaelis and Jasek graduate from the minors, maybe there could be room for Zhukenov to come to Utica and be groomed to be a bottom-6 type centre for us (a righty that's good on the dot). Honestly, who knows...? If he keeps this up in the VHL, then gets called up to the KHL and proves himself there for a season or two, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't want to sign him to an ELC and prove his worth in the A. Again, this guy looked like he was 13 when we selected him (surprisingly in the 4th round). So he's had a lot of man body to grow into. Maybe we'll see that having let him slow cook in Russia for a few years will have paid off, rather than if we had signed him to a pro contract a few years back - and then, he'd have inevitably lost all his confidence. At the end of the day, I still like to think that there might be something here; although it's a long shot.
  7. First post in this thread in over a year. 5 points in 6 VHL games. Maybe Bill Peters gives him a shot with the big club at some point? He's 23 and we hold his rights until 2024. I always thought he had an intriguing skillset and very high hockey IQ. I remember he looked like he was only 13 when we drafted him...
  8. I ain't even mad. Makar is phenomenal, but we, as Nucks fans, already know how important Hughes is to us. I'm just glad that Petey won last year, because three Calder runner-ups in a row would be a tough pill to swallow.
  9. This guy has rocketed up my list: https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/534236/roby-jarventie He's one of the youngest players in this draft class and can be classified as a pure goal scorer with size.
  10. Maybe Demko & Virt/Stech for two of their 2nds? Preferably their 32nd pick being one of them
  11. I feel like Zemgus Girgensons could be a solid fit here in VAN. He's a solid bottom-6 centre who plays with a lot of heart, and might very well elevate his play to further heights now that he's leaving that hole they call Buffalo...

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    2. Whalespray
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      King Heffy

      The faceoff percentage worries me for a bottom six here.  I definitely like the rest of his game if we can shelter him from that deficiency.

    4. Phil_314


      @Whalespray interesting video lol, about "Zem-Goose Gair-gun-sohnss"