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  1. Boeser is going to sign you guys. Lol.
  2. Something tells me Benning really likes Necas. He plays with energy (and hounds the puck), has great speed, excellent balance, and has a pass-first mentality. He also has tons of room to grow. He also has that quiet confidence that Juolevi exemplifies, and that's something I love in a draft eligible prospect.
  3. Such a tragedy!!!!
  4. Larionov has been one of the players I've admired the most throughout my late teens and early 20's (even though he's waaaay before my time). Goldobin is in very good hands having the Professor show him the ropes.
  5. People who want Willie fired solely based on the little things along the lines of spoon-feeding players a few extra minutes of ice time (and whatever other things they damn well please to nitpick) can go kick rocks. Willie is a man of integrity, and has his players playing like they are as well. I'm not saying that all Willie hate is wrong, but it's the South Park rabble rabble rabble type banter/retorts that are laughable. Even when Willie has his lineup playing their asses off night after night, every time the full 100% of these narrow-minded fans criteria isn't met, they go for the low blow. Although this is just a metaphor, they are so much further down the ladder than the likes of Willie (a guy who is exceeding expectations with so little talent) that the only place they can strike is the nuts when they swing their punches. It's a happy ending at the end of the day however, because these sheep are irrelevant enough in the real world that they don't have the power to strike the head. Linden, Benning, Willie, and the rest of the Nucks are going to continue to go about their own business and prove people wrong - they have a plan and their sticking to it. Like Linden said, terms like rebuild and retool are purely semantics. But to absolutely no surprise, it's the same narrow-minded fans who cry oceans when Linden goes on the radio and doesn't specifically say "We're tearing it down and (wait for it.... OMG guys wait for it) rebuilding". I think I'm done here. Nighty night.
  6. Good, I'm not the only one who thinks Lazar is super overrated. My friends were upset when we didn't trade for him but I told them to kick rocks.
  7. Granlund is one heck of a player. He's going to have a long, successful career in this league. Kudos to Benning for being super decisive and trading for him as soon as Calgary made him available.
  8. I still can't believe that actually happened.
  9. How original.
  10. Burrows.
  11. I agree, but you gotta love the Goblin and the Godfather. Briesbois is already Breezy (some of his peers already call him that).
  12. My top-10 (not based on team need): Patrick Hischier Tippett Mittelstadt Liljegren Vilardi Pettersson Necas Tolvanen Valimaki
  13. Owen Tippett is insanely good. I think centre is currently our biggest need but this guy's a force.