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  1. Tampa is looking to add another NHL goalie and some younger forwards who are ready to break into the league for this season. PM me if you want to talk business.
  2. I'm definitely going to get flamed for this but I think that there is going to be an '06 final rematch. You heard it here first. I think the Hurricanes have slowly evolved into the Nashville Predators of the east and are the next team to take the hockey world by surprise. If Darling can man the front for the Canes then I think they're going to march their way all the way to the finals - but the Oilers are going to take the cake this time. Anyone think I'm out to lunch?
  3. I think the Oilers are the cup champions next season.
  4. That has Playmaker-Power Forward-Sniper written all over it.
  5. People are starting to take notice of how good the Hurricanes are actually going to be. They'll be in playoff contention this season, and don't be surprised if they actually make it.
  6. Austrian, Croatian, Scottish & American.
  7. I have us beating the Hurricanes in 5-7 years. Yes, I believe the Hurricanes will be staying in Raleigh.
  8. Awesome signing. The Ducks will have another good season next year.
  9. With our final pick, the Tampa Bay Lightning select from St. Lawrence University, Benjamin Finkelstein.
  10. Give me 15 minutes folks. 2 picks coming up.
  11. After swinging for the fences by selecting Lipanov at 21, it's safe to say that these last two picks have been a lot more settling.
  12. The Tampa Bay Lightning select, from the Victoriaville Tigres, Maxime Comtois. @Watermelons
  13. Thanks! I'm surprised he was still on the board.
  14. The Tampa Bay Lightning select, from HPK, Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen. @morrissex95
  15. The Tampa Bay Lightning select, from HK MVD Balashikha, Alexei Lipanov. @Beary Sweet