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  1. Yeah for sure, quite similar how Toyota has to re-establish their reliability this year with new comers like Kia coming into the mix...
  3. What really gets me about this pick is everyone talks about the the two forwards taken after Virtanen. What about the two forwards taken before in 18 yr old Sam Bennett and Dal Colle? Colle hasn't cracked the NHL and Bennett hasn't put up 40 pts in the NHL in 2, almost full, seasons. Both those players, imo, don't possess the skill of either Nylander or Ehlers. Also, both those players don't possess the physicality or speed of Virtanen. Are they busts? If Virtanen was gifted the minutes and linemates that Bennett was I guarantee he could've put up similar points to Bennett this year (26).
  4. Did he die..?
  5. Send a message to tanking? Honestly tanking doesn't seem real to me. Hockey's a buisness and I can't see owners accepting trading away enough quality players so they can be bad enough to potentially draft one exceptional player. They lose millions and millions of dollars doing that. Trading away veterans with expiring contracts , or close to expiring, to playoff contending to teams at the deadline to maximize your return seems real. I don't think the oilers owners and Toronto owners were to pleased with being horrible and missing the playoffs years and years in a row. How many coaches and gms did each team in the bottom rankings years on end go through? I don't believe any GM out there says "hey let's risk my job and make this team as poor as possible so maybe I can get a Mcdavid". It just happens. Teams go through contending years with hopes of a cup and sell lots of picks and prospects for rental players hoping for the championship. Then unless they follow a Chicago model and rebuild on the fly, cap and aging players put the teams success on the decline. That's why the lottery is stupid to me and tanking doesn't seem real. Clearly teams with poor records reflect the team they have through that season. So you're saying Colarado didn't deserve 1st overall this year? BS.
  6. Oh bro! The things you learn on CDC bro. Thanks bro!
  7. I agree 200% on this, since there's two of them. I also would like to see Miller at the forward position, good size, stands up for teammates (i.e Stecher). Hehe.
  8. I was never sold on Lazar and thought it was quite weird where he got picked in the draft. Was it cause of his goal totals?
  9. Any video on his goals?
  10. I feel you've had this pent up inside for a bit so it's good you're getting it out. Always good to blow off steam, pal, but I was making a lawl.
  11. Jet fuel doesn't melt steal beams, bro.
  12. Negative on any trade with Colorado. Their asking price for any of their forwards will be too steep to help us in the long term. I don't think any of our D (which they are asking for in return) really is enough for a base of a trade. We over value Tanev and Edler as much as I love the former. Yes there is potential for a Tanev to Colorado but the additional pieces would be to steep.
  13. Thanks a lot! And 25 pages is to much for me to sift through and read a bunch of morons argue over WD and past draftees aka OJ and Virtanen.
  14. I find it super intriguing the amount of points Dahlen put up in his draft +1 in comparison to what Filip Forsberg did in his draft +1 in the same league. Did we snag a player who could have Forsberg potential or is there a reason for Dahlens high goal and point totals this year??
  15. That's so weird. Wouldn't fewer games played give teams an easier time coming into playoffs?