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  1. I don’t even care about that 1st man. Miller is f’n deadly.
  2. I know it sucks we signed Messier to a 6x6 but hopefully in the next year or so we can find a trade partner for him. Oh wait
  3. More like Boeser for Dumba straight across?! Lol what
  4. Haha I mean it’s only in the article and what every other post has been about
  5. I guess that’s what you’re saying then isn’t it? Can I get that through my head?
  6. Proudest moment was being part of the riots. With all the destruction going on from the idiots, I still remember seeing a lot of true CANUCKS trying to stop the madness and helping people out. Even after the terrible loss. True Canucks, fam.
  7. I know everyone is on board with LE getting traded, as am I, but with the added depth at forward maybe LE finds his scoring touch with better line mates. That’s the problem since he has been here; scoring. From what I recall with his time in Boston he was notorious for scoring a majority of his goals right in front of the crease, banging in rebounds. I always thought he would be perfect for the twins, when the twins were still the dominent possession duo that they were. They lost their step as the game got quicker and LE was used to coasting off his line mates. I say give him a chance on Horvats line with Miller and see with those two driving the play if he can be useful in the top 6 again. That line would also be one of our best defensive lines as LE is still a great defender. Who knows maybe he picks it up and raises his value a bit before the Trade deadline and he becomes more of an asset rather than a dump. Or maybe he starts the season with an own goal again.
  8. I have to say, personally, I find Ferland better on Peteys line rather than Horvats. Horvat needs more skill on his line rather than grit. Boeser and Petey are two very skilled forwards who could use the grit working on the boards/net presence/dirty areas. Horvat and Miller would provide that second punch with a winger of Pearson/Leivo/Virtanen. Im just gushing at the possibilities with our depth in the next couple of years, Fam.
  9. I am so eager for this upcoming season. On top of our new shiny toys I can’t wait to see progression from Bo, Brock and Elias. Add more skilled players to our already extremely talented trio of forwards and I can see them all putting up new career highs in goals and points for those three. Exciting times ahead fam!!!
  10. I love how this guy single handedly man handled the Canucks in 2015. Everyone hated him now everyone’s on board with him playing here. I know he’s the type of player you love him when he’s on your side and hate him when he’s not, but It’s still just too funny to me. When was the last time we signed/acquired a player who the team/fans had beef with in the past?