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  1. I think we need more grit in the lineup. Sign Wayne Simmonds 3 years @ 4mill Anders Lee 5 years @ 6.5-7 mill Tyler Myers 5 years @ 6 mill Trade Tanev+Virtanen+ ? For Tyson Barrie Sutter/Erikkson to contender/ cap floor team to regain 2020 draft picks (2nd, 4th round) Lee-Pettersson-Boeser Baertschi/Simmonds-Horvat-Miller Pearson-Gaudette-Baertschi/Simmonds Rousel-Beagle-Levio Edler-Barrie Hughes-Myers Juolevi-Stecher Schenn
  2. Zucker + Greenway for baertschi Virtanen and our 2019 second. Lol
  3. I wonder if Markstrom would be of any interest to Colorado. They seem to be heading in the right direction of becoming a serious powerhouse and just need a true #1 goalie. I’m not sure if Markstrom is there yet but he performed very well with the Canucks absolutely terrible defence in front of him. If we could pry Avalanches second 1st round pick off them and then sign a UFA goalie to fill the void until Demko is completely ready that would do wonders for the rebuild. That’s what we need to be looking at instead of letting all of our valuable assets age until no value or let go to free agency.
  4. Anybody think Canucks would make a push for Hayes? Big body winger who can play C aswell.
  5. Can’t see too much value for that term and cap hit. If he strictly wants to come to Vancouver and doesn’t desire to play in Dallas anymore then that’s pretty good. He’s obviously a really good player but I seriously doubts he gets much more than a 1st (like our 2nd) a good prospect (juolevi). Maybe add a madden or gaudette but I doubt he fetches more than that.
  6. Nigerian

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    I really appreciate the effort you put into your posts. +1 to you. And very true I was assuming Gagne would at least be ppg.
  7. Nigerian

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    I agree with all of your points, although I believe that developing in a winning culture can have a huge impact in confidence. Having a lack of confidence can be the downfall for lots of players potential. I look at the Detroit model as an example. Good farm system known for developing players from all throughout the draft. A player like Gagne would only make the Comets a stronger more competitive team which I see as only benefitting the young forwards which we have an abundance of.