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  1. Zucker, IMO, will fit just right in that lineup. I would bet he puts up career numbers his next few years. Minnesota hasn’t really ever been a offensive juggernaut and Pittsburg has. I expect to see a Miller-esque turn around for him.
  2. I wanted him from the beginning of free agency. Of course his numbers are $&!# this year.
  3. @peaches5Get away from the keyboard for a bit mate. In the end result of your life, arguing on a Canucks forum won’t be remembered in the slightest. Take a break boss, there’s more to life other than being “right” over strangers you’ve never met. LOL.
  4. Great insight on Podkolzin, I agree.
  5. Who’s this we? I thought Loui’s and Subban’s contract were the same length? If that is correct why would NJ retain 3 mill to have the more money come in and less production from Loui and Baer. You don’t think NJs poor play has something to do with Subbans numbers? How many devils games have you watched? All just questions right. It’s not a cap dump if you take back more cap.
  6. Subban 3mill retained for Woo Loui E 3rd round pick mint.