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  1. Can an admin help me out ? I can't check my messages on messenger / denied

  2. no changes have been made

  3. People that are continuously posting @NHLSourcesSay rumors, these guys started from the Canucks Board I believe, and they release news they hear or see from the internet or people, so they're not considered legit. Stop posting their rumors, thanks. I swear I'ma get minuses ):

  4. Yeeah, i'm stuck on Carolina and New York

    don't know which one to choose cause I don't know the actual rosters cause I've seen changes has been made to teams

  5. I recommend you join the National Sim League

  6. Anyone know any NHL10 Sim Leagues I can join ? Any type of fantasy leagues would work actually, as long everyones commited .. !

  7. shocked you haven't banned him .. haha

  8. gg your topics locked.

  9. yo i don't think buyouts include

  10. can you add me ?


    can't seem to add you

  11. whose the chick in your sig bro ?

  12. no im not :(, im not too sure though, but i hope we do.. why?

  13. ahhaha nope :) im off for today :)!

  14. Hahah! I DID! I was at the market waiting for the doors to open just to get the poster! ahahha, thanks for telling me though :)!