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  1. We traded Eddie for a top of the round 3rd (Brisebois) and a 7th (Brett McKenzie)
  2. Can Jonathan play for Sweden again for the world juniors? would be cool to see him again there as a canucks prospect.
  3. You can tell Olli loves that cross ice pass, set up Pu and others a bunch of times in that highlight vid.
  4. Yeah exactly, if he reaches his highest potential I think he'll be a top 2, 2-way d man that can chip in 35-50 in his prime years.
  5. I concur for the exact same reason, not that hes bad or anything.
  6. Vesa(laine)n? Must be good
  7. Does anyone know if we get another 2nd round pick or some compensation if someone hires willie?
  8. Dean Lombardi aka Darren Dreger
  9. hopefully more of a stecher case than a caggiula. Hard to turn down being on a team with a player like mcdavid or crosby though
  10. Virt probs another year in the A, he needs quite a bit of developing to do.
  11. It was Lu for me, I was a fan ever since that crazy performance against dallas in 07 and got really attached to him. He was our captain at one point and all the ups (huge saves) and downs (meltdowns) kind of made him my favorite player in the league for a solid 5-6 years. Kesler comes in at a close second because of the fire he had and he rose in big games and also because he single-handedly took down the preds and made carrie underwood cry on national tv lol.
  12. Benning on Mccann being drafted few spots ahead of Goldobin- goldobin is a different player than mccann, he's a guy that can score.
  13. I feel like Doug Wilson is a low key canucks fan lol. Ehrhoff, Goldobin +4th(1st maybe)
  14. Jim Benning says Nikolay is gonna report to the canucks and said that he's NHL ready.