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  1. So far not too impressed with vesalainen and tolvanen, they haven't had that impact on a game like a top 5 pick
  2. I don't know how detroit does it but they found another late round gem with saarijarvi
  3. Its so weird, theyre playing a solid game but they just have mental breakdowns
  4. Idunno why but this team reminds me of those early luongo teams that would have meltdowns outta nowhere
  5. I agree Fin team hasn't been bad, just literally bad puck luck and sub par goaltending
  6. Pretty stoked to see Juolevi go up against Jasek, both the mvp's for their teams against canada.
  7. At this rate it seems like we're going to have 2 seconds (maybe more cuz of trades) because if columbus is top 5 at the end of the year it would be smart of them to give it up this year.
  8. Yeah you have a point, but even bo had slow foot speed n its workable with elite trainers at that level, he'll be a solid 1st liner for years within a couple years. To your other point, i also really like the top prospects this year like liljegren hischier etc so either way it would be a good problem to have haha
  9. I thought logan was gonna be a top 6 player for them with his blend of size and skill, but the wrist must be bad ala boeser. I was so stoked to see boeser with the spotlight on him in this tourney haha
  10. I would tbh. Reinhart would be in contention for 1st overall this year and he's a little bit more along his development curve.
  11. I wouldn't mind anyone out of liljegren, patrick, Hischier or any of the other top prospects.
  12. The fin team had a lot of players that hadn't ever played on north american ice according to olli, they'll be better next time they play canada. Btw jost looks like blue chip.
  13. Olli gets player of the game for finland
  14. That was a huge hit by gauthier on olli, hopefully hes ok