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  1. Voting Ovie Nominating Dale Weise
  2. dirt cheap, I thought he was going to get at least 5 million per.
  3. Atta boy, you can tell he's gonna be a canuck for a long time.
  4. Lind if he has a solid start to the season and/or dipietro
  5. knew it
  6. If strome makes it to philly's 2 picks this round i dont think they pass on him with 2 back to back 4ths
  7. dunno this kid, small defenceman, i trust the canucks staff's judgement
  8. We're almost up, still popugaev, strome and other good prospects available
  9. Lol strome family must be like wtf
  10. Its lit today fam
  11. I want to give a shout out to the canucks for having a great draft so far, jonah kind of like a lucic kind of player
  12. Man solid draft so far by JB!!
  13. We got dipietro!!
  14. LOVE this, Jim having a solid 2nd round. Plus, now we have 2 potential draftees to root for in the wjc for canada!