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  1. This video, for me, has crystallized one of the main problems going on in the USA. Class warfare. One of the things Trump has done well is that he has tapped into a segment of the population that feels they have been left behind. Ironically, his most loyal supporters (the ones who voted for him), will suffer even more, along with all the other non-elites. I hate politics and I never ever watched or listened to politics before. But with all of Trump's shenanigans, I have gotten all caught up in all of it. Now I am watching every Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, All In With Chris Hayes, The Morning Joe and Late Night With Stephen Colbert. The drama, the jokes! It is quite entertaining and mesmerizing. However, Trump and his fellow elites, are doing some serious damage, like some other past elites have done before him. Now I have to go and get caught up on all my shows. A lot happened last week.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    You are right, Pettersson does say 177. The last I posted was 172 lbs but that was from Botchford. I was even appreciative of the piece he wrote in the Province. Learned a lesson and will qualify my self when quoting Botchford like everybody else. ^ Wait. Is Botchford right then? 77 kg converts to just under 170 lbs.
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yup. Also the same fears of Demko not signing and becoming a UFA before Boeser/Gaudette.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    No sarcasm just genuinely happy with your comment of a 21% increase in his body mass. Party on!
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Haha ...How do you figure? Don't get me too excited.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Good article by Botchford on Pettersson in the Province. Yeah I know it is Jason Botchford but he actually got me to buy a Province newspaper for the first time in many years because of the Pettersson write-up. Wow, comes back next day after being drafted and wants to know the prospects the Canucks drafted. This says a lot. He has gained 7 pounds since the draft! Yeah, it is 7 pounds but it makes me feel better.
  7. [Report] Maple Leafs name Kyle Dubas General Manager

    Here is the trade Dubas made as GM of the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds to Windsor Spitfires. Dubas doesn't mind trading seconds and thirds to get his guy. Those picks worked out for Winsor and basically the gravy in the deal. I can see Dubas giving up picks and prospects to get the Leafs over the playoff hump.
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Good call on Pettersson. Roll on. Unlike myself, who has been wrong on every Benning first rounder. I have been having a very difficult time on deciding who I like at #7. So I think I will try something different and copy you and go with Boqvist and Hughes.
  9. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Listened to Boqvist interview on Sportsnet 650 earlier today. Rather short but interesting. Sounded confident but well grounded. Models his game to Karlsson and Klingberg. Expects to score a lot of points in the NHL. Working every day to be better at battles in the corners and getting stronger. Expect him to be gone before we pick but he is small and light for a Dman. Will also take some time to develop. A good candidate to drop into our laps.
  10. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Game management. AHL refs learning their craft.
  11. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Woohoo! Comets win. I have a good feeling about these playoffs.
  12. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    The Nashville drafting model. It kind of makes sense. I like it. I always thought the opposite, but drafting D in the first round any time you could might be better. There is usually less D to pick from, they are harder to identify? and slower to develop. Draft them in the first round where they are more easily identifiable? and specially when you see one you like sounds like a better strategy. Defense wins championships. The bedrock of defense are defensemen (plus strong two-way centers and a good goalie). Sure the Penguins have won cups using a different model but how do replicate having both a generational and franchise level center? I don't think you can, with the draft lottery in place.
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Most of you are familiar with hockeyprospect's latest list but I did not notice it posted yet. Looking at their draft prospect rankings in the past, they have been one of the most accurate in predicting how the draft goes. In the top half of the first round anyway. As the playoffs near, has released our updated ranking of the top prospects for the 2018 NHL Draft, which takes place in Dallas this year. Our previous list was released just prior to the CHL Top Prospects game in Guelph, which also included on ice testing. We’ve seen a lot of hockey since that release and our new rankings have some changes. There is no change at the top of our ranking, Rasmus Dahlin continues to lead the way over Andrei Svechnikov and Filip Zadina. Adam Boqvist and Oliver Wahlstrom each gained a spot since our ranking in January and Jesperi Kotkaniemi also moved up our list. The biggest move this month is by Nils Lundkvist from Sweden. The mobile defender has been playing very well at home in the SHL and also had a strong week at the recent Five Nations Tournament in Michigan.’s Mark Edwards commented on the new ranking. “It’s been an enjoyable 5 weeks or so since our previous rankings, we’ve seen a ton of high end prospects and some of them had some very strong games for us. We have a few changes to both our top 31 and throughout the 32-70 range as well. Our next list comes with the release of our NHL Draft Black Book and there is a lot of hockey between now and then. I’m looking forward to getting a last look or two at a few players as we enter the playoffs around various leagues.”’s Top 70 Prospects for the 2018 NHL Draft RANK PLAYER TEAM LEAGUE BIRTH HEIGHT WEIGHT POS SHOT/C 1 DAHLIN, RASMUS FROLUNDA SWEDEN 13-Apr-2000 6' 2.0" 181 lbs * D L 2 SVECHNIKOV, ANDREI BARRIE OHL 26-Mar-2000 6' 2.0" 186 lbs * RW L 3 ZADINA, FILIP HALIFAX QMJHL 27-Nov-1999 6' 0.0" 196 lbs * RW L 4 BOQVIST, ADAM BRYNAS JR. SWEDEN-JR. 15-Aug-2000 5' 10.75" 168 lbs * D R 5 TKACHUK, BRADY BOSTON UNIVERSITY H-EAST 16-Sep-1999 6' 3.25" 196 lbs * LW L 6 WAHLSTROM, OLIVER USA U-18 NTDP 13-Jun-2000 6' 0.75" 205 lbs * RW R 7 HUGHES, QUINTIN MICHIGAN BIG10 14-Oct-1999 5' 9.5" 170 lbs * D L 8 FARABEE, JOEL USA U-18 NTDP 25-Feb-2000 5' 11.5" 164 lbs * LW L 9 DOBSON, NOAH ACADIE-BATHURST QMJHL 07-Jan-2000 6' 2.75" 180 lbs * D R 10 KOTKANIEMI, JESPERI ASSAT FINLAND 06-Jul-2000 6' 1.5" 188 lbs * C L 11 DENISENKO, GRIGORI YAROSLAVL 2 RUSSIA-JR. 24-Jun-2000 5' 11.0" 176 lbs LW R 12 KUPARI, RASMUS KARPAT FINLAND 15-Mar-2000 6' 1.25" 183 lbs * C R 13 WILDE, BODE USA U-18 NTDP 24-Jan-2000 6' 2.25" 195 lbs * D R 14 SMITH, TY SPOKANE WHL 24-Mar-2000 5' 10.25" 176 lbs * D L 15 BOUCHARD, EVAN LONDON OHL 20-Oct-1999 6' 1.75" 193 lbs * D R 16 MILLER, K'ANDRE USA U-18 NTDP 21-Jan-2000 6' 2.75" 206 lbs * D L 17 SAMUELSSON, MATTIAS USA U-18 NTDP 14-Mar-2000 6' 3.5" 217 lbs * D L 18 KAUT, MARTIN PARDUBICE CZREP 02-Oct-1999 6' 1.5" 176 lbs RW R 19 LUNDKVIST, NILS LULEA SHL 27-Jul-2000 5' 11.0" 180 lbs D R 20 LUNDESTROM, ISAC LULEA SWEDEN 06-Nov-1999 6' 0.0" 185 lbs C L 21 BOKK, DOMINIK VAXJO JR. SWEDEN-JR. 03-Feb-2000 6' 1.0" 180 lbs LW R 22 MCISAAC, JARED HALIFAX QMJHL 27-Mar-2000 6' 1.0" 195 lbs * D L 23 VELENO, JOSEPH DRUMMONDVILLE QMJHL 13-Jan-2000 6' 1.0" 195 lbs * C L 24 KRAVTSOV, VITALI CHELYABINSK RUSSIA 23-Dec-1999 6' 2.0" 170 lbs RW L 25 ALEXEYEV, ALEXANDER RED DEER WHL 15-Nov-1999 6' 3.0" 200 lbs * D L 26 SANDIN, RASMUS SAULT STE. MARIE OHL 07-Mar-2000 5' 10.75" 183 lbs * D L 27 HAYTON, BARRETT SAULT STE. MARIE OHL 09-Jun-2000 6' 0.75" 191 lbs * C L 28 NOEL, SERRON OSHAWA OHL 08-Aug-2000 6' 4.75" 200 lbs * RW R 29 TYCHONICK, JONATHON PENTICTON BCHL 03-Mar-2000 5' 11.5" 173 lbs * D L 30 WOO, JETT MOOSE JAW WHL 27-Jul-2000 5' 11.75" 205 lbs * D R 31 O'BRIEN, JAY THAYER ACADEMY HIGH-MA 04-Nov-1999 5' 10.5
  14. Lukas Jasek | RW

    Haha HFboards. I like to go there mostly for entertainment and a bit of insight.
  15. Lukas Jasek | RW

    Heard on AM 650 On Point with Randip Janda and Perry Solkowski that the Canucks have signed Jasek to a 3 year ELC.