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  1. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Pettersson started slowly but has started to impress over the weekend. Sure he has a great shot etc., but what really impressed me was his back check on that two on one. Going full out for most of the length of the ice, he caught the Jet player and took him out right to the end boards. Pettersson will be a force in the NHL.
  2. A trade that hurts both Toronto and Edmonton, I love it!
  3. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Ok, thanks. makes feel a little better.
  4. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Something else that has been bothering me was Benning's extension. Why did it take so long and why don't we know how long it is. It appears there were some differences there between Linden and Francesco. It took Benning making statements to the media about the strain it put on him and his family that seemed to finally get him his contract. I believe Benning's new contract is for 2 years. I have also heard for 3 years. If it is for only 2 years, doesn't the short length of Benning's contract reveal Francesco's thinking? The pressure is on Benning. His transition/rebuild has to move forward this coming season. I feel that it will turn out well for the Canucks. Benning has acquired and drafted a nice group of good young players and prospects here. With the development of these young men seemingly going well, it is a matter of time before we start competing for the playoffs again. The only question is, does Benning's new extension give him enough time to reap the benefits of all his hard work when the Canucks do start to turn it around.
  5. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Good post Sid. I would think that it happened something like this. Now I hate the sports print media in general, Kuzma however, is one that I don't mind too much. I am sure it was a philosophical difference between Linden's vision and Francesco's that led to the "amicable" separation. I wish Linden could have stayed on but in the end, it was just not possible.
  6. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

  7. Quinn Hughes announces his return to Michigan

    Lay your doubts to rest spook007, there is a lot less disharmony now.
  8. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    I think Steve Simmons is making stuff up again to create controversy. Benning did not backstab Trevor Linden. Some examples of Simmons "reporting".
  9. Quinn Hughes announces his return to Michigan

    I was hoping that Hughes was not rushed into the NHL. Another year in college will only let his body, mind, and game mature that much more. I am glad that at the end of the day, Hughes was wise enough to make a decision, that gave him the best chance of success for the present and the future. I am even higher on this kid after making such a hard decision.
  10. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    One theory I have not read here for Linden leaving is that he had accomplished what he was brought here to do and therefore not needed anymore. I heard something to that effect on SN 650 today and it made sense. Linden was mainly used for public relations purposes. He was used to rehabilitate Aquilini's bad image of meddling. He was allowed to hire the new GM to show that he was here to usher in the beginning of a new chapter. A better future lead by Trevor Linden as the new president of the Canucks. The hiring of Linden gave hope to Canuck fans after the debacle of the Gillis firing. Linden was used and then allowed to leave. Linden was given autonomy. He hired Jim Benning. He was the buffer between Aquilini and Benning. Linden led the public relations campaign during the difficult down cycle. He was used to sell the transition/retool. With the excitement and hope back for the Canucks (plus Aquilini's image rehabilitated), Linden wasn't needed anymore.
  11. Travis Green & Jim Benning Interview on SN650

    moved to Trevor Linden thread
  12. Thank You Jim Benning.

    ^ Well done @Crabcakes. Looks like a plan was being worked on all along.
  13. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Yes, Benning makes the whole management staff feel important at the draft. They are a team. I also like that Linden was relatively quiet and Weisbrod as well. The draft is the day for the scouts and Brackett. A good organization starts with good leadership at the top which then filters down and permeates the whole organization. Yes, Benning could do better with the UFAs and he has. He learns from his mistakes. His UFA signings have been better as time has passed. I think a UFA signing or two will play a big part in any future success. Remember the 2011 Bruins? Chara, Tim Tomas, Shawn Thornton, and Michael Ryder were all UFA signings. Benning was Chiapet's right-hand man in the construction of that championship team. Benning may seem dim because of how he talks but he knows what he is doing.
  14. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Thanks for catching that #N7Nucks. You know what I meant. Benning's experience, knowledge, and feel for the art of scouting manifest itself in everything he does concerning the scouting department and the draft. I mean that was such a good nonfiring and then promotion of Judd Brackett. He picked the right scout to not only keep but also promoted him to the top spot in the department. The "re-education" of the remaining scouts Etc. Also picking goalies later in the draft because they are notoriously difficult to project.
  15. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Thanks, @spook007. That would be almond milk since almonds don't lactate. I especially hate how some people throw in our face how much faster the Maple Laffs rebuild has been compared to ours. Can't wait until our new core starts getting traction. Our rebuild is slower for a number of reasons. One reason is we have drafted goalies, power forwards and Dmen which inherently take longer to develop. Another reason is, although we have drafted top ten four of the past five drafts, not one was a top-four pick. This usually means the players we pick are not ready right away. They need more time to develop. I feel that this relatively slower rebuild is actually advantageous. This means we will be picking high in all seven rounds for five or six years instead of three or four. In other words, we end up with an extra four blue-chip prospects (two top ten picks and two high second rounders). This will result in a deeper, better-balanced team. Slow and steady wins the race.