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  1. He reminds me of Yannick Weber.
  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Every facet of hockey is "managed". The game, the standings, the playoffs, the supplementary discipline.
  3. Yes, I was impressed by Labate's courage. He wasn't afraid to sacrifice his body in the hard areas. Even dropped the gloves when he had to. His style of play and excellent size, can maybe find some success on a line with a skilled player or two in Utica.
  4. I am this excited for Stukel.
  5. I remember Don Taylor interviewing Benning about a year ago where he asked who he was most proud of drafting. Benning answered with Paul Gaustad. As the Director of Amateur Scouting for Buffalo he said he pushed for Gaustad in the 7th round because "he was a player that just would not be denied". In his draft year Paul Gaustad had played 70 games for the Winterhawks and had 11 goals and 30 assists. Buffalo had other successful later round picks under Benning's watch such as Ryan Miller in the 5th round. We should temper our expectations on Abols. However, Benning has a history of identifying NHL players in the later rounds. I hope Abols is able to contribute to the Canucks in the future.
  6. Yup. The thought of getting Sergachev at worst, has me in a very good mood.
  7. I like this. I am excited too. Worst case scenario we get my favorite player in the draft.
  8. Looks like he has nice potential. B.C. kid. I see a pattern developing here. Anymore good college free agents from B.C. out there?
  9. In case people missed it, Bob MacKenzie's take on the signing of Stecher on the Sekeres and Price show. "eyes of most people, maybe the pre-eminent college free agent this year, outside of self created free agent Jimmy Vesey. If not best college free agent then best defenseman college free agent."
  10. Yeah Benning gets accused of having poor asset management but most of his trades (except for special circumstances like Kassian) have upgraded their asset base. He traded prospects that were not progressing or had a slim chance of an NHL career. In return, he has received young assets early in their NHL career. Like Granlund and Etem. He also gets accused of mismanaging draft picks. However, he has acquired draft picks as well as traded them. The net result is that he will go into his third draft in a row with 7 picks (including their own picks in the first 4 rounds this draft). I am too lazy to check, but I don't think any Canuck GM has ever managed that even once. In return for each pick traded (none were 1st picks), he has received an NHL player (or soon to be one). He has received Baertschi, Dosett, Vey, and Pedan for picks that on average, have a slim chance of turning into an NHL player. Benning knows how to manage assets. This is mainly due to his ability to evaluate talent and therefore accurately project a prospects development or lack thereof.
  11. Yes, I was thinking about that. I just wanted to put it out there that Sergachev at 4 or 5 is not crazy talk. But just like J.R. said, I would not drop down too low say from 4-5 down to 6-7 or so and get at least a second. Any less of a return or much lower and I wouldn't do it. At 6 or 7 you are at least guaranteed one of the top three D or one of the second tier top forwards. I actually see a good chance of this happening. First of, there is a 65.8% chance we pick 4-6. Second, the next tier is made up mostly of forwards. Third, there is not much to separate the top 3 Dmen from each other and usually are picked after the top forwards. Four, Benning wants Dmen in this draft. Lastly, Benning is desperately trying to get more draft picks in this deep draft.
  12. Chychrun is a little too high but this is close to the way I would pick them from 4-10. Definitely would like Sergachev to be the player we pick even at number 4. Otherwise, I would happily settle for Tkachuk. However, I think Benning picks Juolevi ahead of all those players.
  13. ^^ It seems to me Benning didn't see Shinkaruk's game translating to the NHL. Whereas with Granlund, you at least had an NHL player, even if he is just a bottom six.