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  1. Thanks for posting. I think Green is going to be alright.
  2. I think we stop being a bottom feeder in a couple of years. Like some suggested, we continue to struggle next year then the following year, we start moving up the standings. At that point,more prospects Benning had drafted will be in the lineup and contributing and a critical mass of young talent will be reached and we can be competitive again.
  3. Glass - will only improve, fill out and get stronger because of his work ethic, potential foundational player Vilardi - just coming from a major injury so will bounce back next season Mittelstadt - probably highest ceiling of this group but I think he pulls a Parise/Suter part way thru his career or worse Klim Kostin - no because of Russian factor
  4. Yes Seguin was a number 2 pick overall but the point is you don't necessarily need a number one pick overall in your lineup to win a cup. That Bruins team also had acquired Nathan Horton via trade who was a second overall pick by Florida. Similar to us acquiring a former third overall pick from Florida - Gudbranson. You don't have to draft top 3 nor top 2. You can trade for them. The point is, there is more than one way to build a cup winning team than having a few top 3 picks you have drafted in your line-up. As for Benning's trading, I feel he has done well with Baertschi, Gudbranson, Goldobin, Dahlin and Granlund. Combined with his superior drafting, we are well on our way in our rebuild.
  5. The 2011 Boston Bruins had no number one pick overall in their line-up when they won the cup. In fact they only had 5 players that they drafted playing for them. The majority of their players were acquired thru trades.
  6. Casey Mittelstadt is 6'1" 201 lbs and is skill that works hard. Having said that, I also like Cody Glass in that 3rd spot.
  7. I know some of the most successful coaches have unremarkable NHL careers if any. Scotty Bowman for example never played one NHL game. However, there is one notable exception. Joel Quennville. He was a 21st pick overall by the Leafs and played 803 NHL games for various teams. Travis Green was a 23rd pick overall by the Islanders and played 970 NHL games for various teams. Now I am not comparing coach Green to coach Q. Just pointing out that there are different routes to becoming a successful NHL coach.
  8. I expect him to put in the necessary work on his skating before training camp. If we can see his deficiencies in his skating, I am sure he noticed it on the ice playing against NHLers. That is another advantage of having Boeser play in the NHL this season.
  9. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for saving me the time and effort. Have you read my piece with the record for CDC's longest title (A note to those who believe that the only way to build a cup winning team is to strip the team down and sell for draft picks then tank to get a first overall pick)?
  10. Just looked up most common patients in neurologic icu. The most common seems to be different conditions where hemorrhage (bleeding) and hematoma (abnormal amounts of blood outside blood vessels) has occurred inside a persons skull. Hope Okposo gets better.
  11. The Sharks also gave up Goldobin who was a first round pick of theirs in 2014.
  12. I am of two minds on this, maybe even three. Haley should not have attacked an unwilling combatant. Tough guys aren't suppose to and shouldn't normally do this. However, I am tired of %^$ disturbers who cheap shot players then hide behind their tough guys. Where is the retribution and fairness in that? darkpoet makes a great example of Marchand. Marchand takes cheap shot after cheap shot and never has to answer for them. This is where DOPS is suppose to in and suspend players like Marchand but they have not been reliable. So sometimes the tough guy should make an exemption and go after an unwilling combatant after receiving a cheap shot. If Jarnkrok is not a cheap shot artist like Marchand then Haley should not have attacked an unwilling combatant.
  13. Not bad "asset management". At this stage of the re-stocking of the prospect cupboard, I would think that most of Benning's signings would have to have some NHL upside. If that is so, then Molino may be able to provide depth for the team in the future. If it doesn't work out then he is a Comet.