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  1. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    This was during the trade discussion and he said that to make a deal it would be for a certain type of player. When Pratt pressed him for what type, Benning laughed nervously? and surprised me with his answer. I thought, he laughed because he didn't want to reveal his hand and then he said if he was to add a type of player it would be a goal scorer.
  2. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    Yes he is and yes you can. He was the kid that brought 2 apples to his teacher.
  3. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    Well, to be honest, I can't stand to listen to Pratt and Jake for that matter. I just tune in to 1040 during their show at random times and hope for a good guest. I think he has been going on about trading the Sedins? It was amusing the way Pratt broached that subject with Benning.
  4. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    Nice pass. Hope this gets Labate going.
  5. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    Listened to Jim Benning this morning on the Bro Jake and Dave Pratt show. Bro Jake brought up the Sedin's. Then Pratt comes on trying to save face by jokingly doing an about face saying can we squash the rumours of trading the Sedins. Benning repeated that the Sedins were going to retire as Canucks. Praised their work ethic, coming in great shape, their competitiveness, and playing a cycle game that is very punishing. Pratt mentioned something about getting the team to the next level. Benning mentioned that Willie and the coaching staff use different sports as models. Used the Seahawks as a models recently for their true grit and how hard you have to play to win. Praised Willie about using different angles, motivating and bringing the team together, by going to the football game for example, for team building. Bro Jake commented about Mccann and Vrbata showing chemistry against the Wild last night. Benning commented that Mccann has a high skill level, got off to a good start, got a great release on his shot. Said it is a long season and as he was going along there he might have gotten comfortable. Benning and Linden noticed after practice the Sedins called Virtanen and Mccann over and talked for 10 minutes. Good leadership on the team that hold the young guys responsible. Mccann good with Vrbata because he gets him the puck. He is a skilled player and likes to handle the puck. Made great play when he made the backhand pass on Vrbata's goal last night. Pratt mentioned Bob Mckenzie, said trade talks pick up at this time of year. Benning said it has been quiet but the last week has received more calls, GMs poking around seeing what's available. Talked to another 8-10 GMs to get a bead on what the marketplace is right now. Will see if he can improve team but will keep focus on a team in transition bringing in young guys and getting them up and going. It would have to be a certain type of player for them to make a move. It is hard to make a trade and teams want their good young players which they are not going to move. They are in the process of getting their next core up and going. Likes his team when healthy. Likes how hard they work and how they compete. Would like to add goal scorer. Demko had an amazing start, 6 shut-outs in the first 7 games then let in 4 goals in one game. Had hip surgery in the spring last year and feeling really good. Last year played with lots of pain. Playing well. Boeser, they were excited to get him where they did because he is a goal scorer. His release and ability to get to the hard areas to make time and space is what makes him special. Off to good start. Who starts in goal is up to coaches. Miller got off to good start. Maybe best player for a month then may have gotten fatigued. Markstrom's injury factored into this. Bro Jake asked if Beartschi is running out of time. Benning said we have to have more patience with young skilled players since more is expected of them, more pressure on them to make plays and score than say a player that comes and plays on the third or fourth line. Coaches working with him nightly telling him what he has to do better to stay in line-up. Has great hands, really good playmaker but needs to play more intense in other areas of his game. Pratt asked if team back on track after Wild game. Benning thinks so. Liked adjustments made in 3rd period. Thru neutral zone was tighter, protected center of the ice better, kept shots to outside. Team have lost confidence with the lead, hopes that holding that lead will help regain that. Lost 13 one goal games, in every game, need timely scoring, manage puck, need to protect center of the ice. Wild one of fastest teams was impressed with how they shut them down thru neutral zone. Bro Jake brought up Shinkaruk. Benning, Shinkaruk loves to score, pays the price to get to the net to get rebounds, deflections, tip-ins. Not surprised at his hot scoring, when sent down had him pencilled for 25-30 goals and to be a leader, he is working on other parts of his game so he can stay up, on the right track.
  6. Jake Virtanen Talk

    This is basically how I feel. He does need more development and he will get that on the Canucks rather than on the Hitmen. Virtenan being on the team is not going to be based solely on his performance but where his development will be best served. As long as he is not overwhelmed at this level, he will stay. I believe in Benning's talent evaluation ability and in how to maximize it. That is how he has been able to draft well and build teams. He feels that Virtenan is best served being on the team. Will there be growing pains? Of course. Like Mike Babcok says "there will be pain". But I think in a couple of years we will have our first bona fide power forward since big Bert. You can already see tantalizing glimpses of the power forward he will be when he powers his way to the net using a combination of his elite speed, power, and mental toughness. I will patiently wait until he fully realizes his full potential.
  7. For the "Lets Tank" Crowd

    I agree. In addition, someone with good talent evaluation skills helps. It doesn't matter much where you draft if you can identify talent. You will be able to pick/steal any player that drops to your spot in the draft (Mccann) or not miss out on a talent that comes your way in a good draft class (Boeser).
  8. CGY Goalie Joni Ortio put on waivers

    At this point, I am willing to try even the goalie with the worst puck skills in place of Weber.
  9. CGY Goalie Joni Ortio put on waivers

    Haha that's a good one. Keep it coming.
  10. CGY Goalie Joni Ortio put on waivers

    He can block shots but his play with the puck is suspect.
  11. Where do the Canucks finish?

    I predicted they wouldn't make the playoffs. However, I was caught by surprise by the inconsistent play of the vets. That I did not see coming. Some of the young players, like Hutton and Mccann have been more consistent and mistake free. I say 11th place.
  12. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I have a feeling Benning will take a defenseman in the first round this draft.
  13. [Recall] Canucks Recall Pedan, Reassign Fedun

    I'm excited. Hope to see him play. I need me some physicality.
  14. It's great what Hutton has done and he is a better player than Corrado but I didn't follow him. I followed Corrado. Grieving is feeling sorrow for any loss including the loss of a loved one. I felt the loss of Corrado, bubble player and all.
  15. No, his career is not over, although Toronto is hindering any further development. I meant his career as a Canuck appears to be over.