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  1. No. Don't like all those injuries. Hate injuries even injuries to the opposition. Plus I don't want Granlund traded.
  2. Yeah. He can drive to the net and create havoc there while Pettersson and Boeser do their thing.
  3. Yes, the GM has final say at the draft table. That is why Benning, who was Director of Amateur Scouting for Buffalo at the time, had to push very hard for Paul Gaustad in the 7th round of the 2000 NHL draft. All the players he had a hand in drafting, he takes the most pride in Guastad (Don Taylor interview in 2015). He takes credit for that pick and rightfully so. You can see from my research from a couple of years ago (see post below), Buffalo's average number of players drafted (played 190 NHL games or more) per draft went from 2.2 players/draft with Benning as a scout for 4 years, to 2.85 players/draft with him as a Director of Amateur Scouting for 6 years, then back to 1.5 after Benning left the organization. It is not a coincidence that Buffalo drafted not very well before and after Benning, improved with him as a scout and improved again as the Director of Amateur Scouting. I don't believe in coincidence. Most people know the Canuck's general poor record of drafting with the three previous GMs; Burke, Nonis, then Gillis. Delorme gets the lion share of the blame for this poor record because he was the head scout for almost this whole period. Benning becomes GM, and in 4 drafts, with less than a full compliment of draft picks, the Canucks go from having very few prospects to arguably, the deepest pool of prospects in their 47 year history. Again, this is not a coincidence, and did not have much to do with Delorme, who was demoted in favor of Judd Brakett in Aug. 2015. I give Benning most of the credit for the Canuck's improvement in scouting and subsequent increase in quality and quantity of prospects under his watch. He got all the scouts on the same page. He got them speaking the same language by defining terms such as character and compete for example. He instructed them on what characteristic they should be looking for. He used Burrow's relentless play for example, as a characteristic they should be looking for in a prospect. He personally scouts players identified by his scouts and of course, has final say at the draft table. With the odd exception (Benning citing the picking of Paul Gaustad as the pick he takes the most pride in), it is hard to know who should get credit, or blame for that matter, for the picks that are made. You have regional scouts but they do crossovers so there is overlap on the same prospects. Takes more than one person or one liking to get a player on the list and where they want them to be (on the list). The listing of players is done by consensus. Finally, the GM has final say and may or may not go with their master list. However, there is enough evidence from his long body of work as a scout, head scout, and management, that Benning is passionate about scouting and is good at evaluating and picking NHL talent. My post from a couple of years ago showing Benning's scouting prowess. Sorry for hijacking the Cole Lind thread like I did with the Brisebois thread two years ago.
  4. Thank you. More please.
  5. He is an inch shorter and a couple of pounds heavier than Henrik and looks big out there. He can play big and that is why if he can add another 20 to 25 pounds to his 6'1" frame, I can picture him becoming a hybrid, a mobile power forward who can make plays.
  6. ^ Yes. Benning's best steals as Director of Amateur Scouting for Buffalo; Ryan Miller 5th round, Paul Gaustad 7th round, and Jason Pominville 2nd round, oozed with character. You don't lose your ability to identify talent because you become GM. In a few years, we may find that Benning stole another player in the second round of this last draft.
  7. Really impressed with Chatfield. He looks to be a future NHLer.
  8. If anyone missed Benning on the training camp media availability video, when asked which prospects separated themselves from the rest, he mentioned Boeser, Juolevi, Gadjovich, and Lind. Later he mentioned MacEwen and Chatfield.
  9. The grittier the better. Specially for this game. Need to counter their truculence!
  10. Yes that's true. He has so many tools in his tool kit I missed that one. Lind's ability that separates him from an ordinary prospect though, and has enabled him to get results like he has had, is on the mental side of things. Namely his vision, hockey IQ and mental toughness. Sure, he wouldn't be as effective with lesser hands, agility, and size, but there are lots of players that never made the NHL or had mediocre careers that had all his physical skills but were lacking on the mental side. This is what gives some of us confidence that Lind has a bright future.
  11. ^ Very well thought out and realistic post. I am quite sure Jake will be "slow cooked" and given enough time to develop to his full potential. On the other hand, Alf's post....Though deep in my fanatical heart, I too have visions of Virtanen running roughshod imposing his will in games. Dominating with his combination of elite skating, size, physicality, and toughness. Maybe in a couple of more years, Virtanen will fulfill this vision that most Canuck fans have and validate Benning selecting him at 6th overall. I can hardly wait.
  12. I hope so too. I have been looking into Irving a bit and would be following him if he played this game. I was just thinking about this as well. Lind has some nice skills that he could bring as a center man. It would be nice to see him in this role.
  13. Yes, impressive vision and IQ. His skating isn't too bad either. Plus he has an edge and potential as a power forward. Add 20-25 lbs on that frame and he could definitely fill a top 6 role for us.
  14. Just finished listening to Judd Brackett on CISL 650. As most of you already know, he confirmed that the 2018 draft is deep. The talent running deep into the first round and even spilling over to the second. My comparison would be to the 2015 draft which was also predicted as a deep draft. Benning said pre-draft, (that after the first two, McDavid and Eichel) there were 12 potentially, "very good NHL players". One of those 12 ended up spilling over to our pick at number 23. Under Green, I expect the Canucks to be better this season than last. Wouldn't be surprised if we didn't pick top ten. However, I still expect a prospect out of this draft with an upside to develop into a very good NHL player. Something in the line of Boeser caliber for a forward or an equivalent on defense.