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  1. I really hope this is Cassel's year too. He is my kind of player. Gritty, feisty, and competitive. As time goes along however, and more and more of Gillis's picks bust, my outlook for his remaining picks become less and less.
  2. ^ Everybody loves a funny post.
  3. Ha ha yeah CDC ... I can see it now. A 22 y.o. Pettersson gets 30ish points in his second NHL season. There would be people calling him a bust and maybe even a topic "Pettersson? Do We Really Need Him?".
  4. Yeah, I worded that kind of funny. What I meant was what better way to temper expectations for Pettersson's future progression than to compare it with Henrik's draft +7 years to reach first line status. I will correct it.
  5. I agree. After making my post I thought of these same points. Thanks for posting them. Pettersson is a different player from Henrik and Daniel and they will play in a different NHL. However, there are some similarities, specially their physique such that I thought Alf made a good point comparing his physical development and points progression with them. I do hope Pettersson's point progression is faster than the Sedins but the main aim of my post was to reign in unrealistic expectations generated by the excitement of drafting a potential successor to Henrik. What better way to temper expectations for Pettersson's future progression than to compare it with Henrik's draft +7 years to reach first line status.
  6. Virtanen causing havoc and shooting from his off wing. Dhalen also shooting from his off wing on the other side and going to the net. Pettersson finding the open space and open winger. Two small but fast, slick Swedes and a big hard hitting Canadian. Classic Euro skill and North American grit. I am going to have nice dreams tonight.
  7. draft +7 years before the twins put up big numbers (just under ppg) and developed enough to merit consideration as more than 2nd liners. Even then they were still getting knocked down on their derriere. They still sometimes do. I agree, I think Pettersson will develop similarly to the Sedins. Similar weight ( around 190 lbs) and will probably be knocked around a bit for his first couple of years in the NHL any way. I do think Pettersson will fair better ( physicality wise) than the Sedins because he is faster and more elusive. As for the big numbers, well I would rather guess on the conservative side and be pleasantly surprised. How does greater than 60 points 7 years from now sound? Disappointing I know, but it is better than expecting more and sooner than getting frustrated and angry if he doesn't meet those expectations.
  8. I am on the side of Subban needing more development in the AHL and not just bringing him up. Don't put him in a position to struggle or fail. Don't play him in limited roles and minutes, he needs to play a lot, play a lot of defense to develop his defensive game. When/if he is developed enough, that is the time to bring him up to try him on our power play and play sheltered minutes. Hard to ruin a prospect by over cooking him in the minors but easy to ruin him by rushing his development. Besides, by not putting prospects in positions to fail, they don't get exposed as much for what they really are, and therefore maintain their trade value better. My suspicion is that Subban will soon be discussed by GMJB in trade talks. Yes he is still young and still has development upside, but so was Hunter Shinkaruk.
  9. Gadjovich and Lockwood are close but I went with Gadjovich.
  10. I fully agree. Gadjovich, of all our picks interests me the most. He has all you have mentioned which is a lot going for a late second rounder, and best of all, he has the compete and drive that enabled players like Burrows to reach their full potential. What I like most about Gadjovich is that, we need a player like him to complement our team. Could see him be a difference maker in the games that matter most (like the playoffs). He could definitely improve on his skating. I think this is the main reason he dropped. But like I said, I am confident he will work hard and diligently on his skating and anything else he has to. He will do whatever it takes.
  11. This must be the reason he wasn't qualified. He looked good when called up and I thought he had a chance. Good for him that he gets to continue playing pro hockey alongside his brother.
  12. At the very least penalized into submission.
  13. I wouldn't be happy if Gaudette ends up only playing a total of 200 NHL games. I would say something would have to go wrong for this to happen. I see some Burrows in him. His skill set and most importantly his Burrows like compete level and tenacity should enable him to have a long NHL career (crossing fingers).
  14. I like this signing. An NHL player that wants to play for his home town team is a win.
  15. Jonah "manchild" Gadjovich looks small compared to Gunnarsson and Brassard.