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  1. Making the NHL and being in your prime are completely different. So by your logic we should wait 6 years until Hughes joins the club? Idk man he brings a lot of offensive elements that we NEED. Myers is a 30 point defenseman whether you like it or not. Idc how many times you’ve seen him play, the numbers on the stat sheet tell you that. He was putting up points in Buffalo too. The seasons where he didn’t achieve that he missed a lot of games and was on or close to a 30pt pace. I never said Myers was some god defensively, he is prone to mistakes but the size and offense he brings helps us a lot imo. Go ahead and think over 15 is a stretch and we’ll agree to disagree I guess.
  2. So lets demote one of the best 2C’s in the league to the 3rd line and lets hope a better 2C falls out of the sky to replace him?
  3. Miller has been a consistent 40+ point player for the past 5 years or so. You gonna act like those points aren’t gonna make us better? Myers is a 30+ point defenseman, even tho he isn’t the best in his own end he’s still a major upgrade over Hutton and Gudbranson. People who actually watched Hughes play know he can be a difference maker. The fact that you think it takes dmen(especially a top 10 pick) till age 25 to make the NHL shows you know nothing about hockey.
  4. No forward in the NHL is playing 25 mins a game...
  5. I think both players can move to the wing if need be but I see Madden as more of a center. From what I’ve seen he’s very good defensively and it seems he has more offensive/playmaking upside. If either of these guys don’t pan out like we hope there is still a 4th line role for them. As for Hoglander, he seems like a guy you can plug in anywhere and he can be effective.
  6. I think Green was brought in to develop the young guys and so far he has done a pretty good job. It would be unfair to put the blame on his shoulders for the last few seasons but at the same time he still has things he’s gotta work on. As long as he can learn from his mistakes and keeps this team ascending there will be more pressure for him to get this team to the playoffs and win some series the next few years. His job should be secure for the next 1-2 years and if this team isn’t producing I wouldn’t be opposed to finding a replacement.
  7. You lost me when you said 2 of 3 (Miller/Ferland/Pearson) need to be on the 3rd line. That is putting too much of our toughness/grit on 1 line we need to balance it out some more. Our offense can be more balanced but that is assuming Baer/Goldy can play top 6. For all we know Leivo could develop good chemistry with Sutter/Gaudette/Virtanen and give that line some punch and if it isn’t working out I’m sure Green has a plan. He juggles his lines more than any coach in the league it feels like, at least on a night to night basis.
  8. This might sound crazy but I think Stetcher is the most reliable defensive dman on our roster right now. The offensive talent is there but he needs to improve his shot by a long mile.
  9. I try not to get too high or too low on our cap situation. I’m confident that Petey/Hughes/Boeser love playing here and might take a pay cut but I’m not banking on it. They will still wanna get paid big if they put up numbers in the next couple years.
  10. Just bought my jersey. 40 goal season here we come!
  11. Making playoffs is just the start. I think we know how well most of these players will do but I got my eye on 3 people to be specific. I hope Virtanen can make that leap and be a top 6 player, if not an above average 3rd liner. He has all the physical tools but struggles to stay consistent. Markstrom needs to show last year wasn’t a fluke season. Now that our defense is better we will figure out how good of a goalie he really is. I’m expecting big things from Travis Green. He has made some questionable decisions in the past but now that he has a playoff roster on paper, there is no excuses for him, and I think he can get us to the playoffs and do damage.
  12. Why would Boeser or anyone else hold out? It’s rare in the NHL. Once Marner signs the market will be set and the dominoes will fall.
  13. Trading for Lucic at the point doesn’t make much sense at all. I would of been down to get him if we hadn’t signed Ferland, but on this current team he wouldn’t be anything more than an overpaid, crash and bang 4th liner/enforcer.
  14. That seems like a steeeep price to move Eriksson. I hope JB got something up his sleeve.
  15. Well that came out wrong. I was a big fan of the Miller trade, I was just wondering if we could stack some draft capital to make up for it.