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  1. Why would it take Horvat away from his game? Horvat and Baertschi have good chemistry together and they were putting up decent numbers despite playing with low ice time. Sutter isn't the answer at 2nd line C even tho he was playing well offensively last year he's better in the 3rd line C role.
  2. As much as I like Burrows he's not a 2nd line player plain and simple.
  3. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Rodin Virtanen - Sutter - Hansen Burrows - Gaunce/Granlund - Etem Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Tyramkin - Larsen/Sbisa Pedan/Biega
  4. I don't see any reason why our PP could be worse than last year. Don't know much about Larsen but I hope he can be a top unit PP QB. It would be nice to see Hutton build off of last season and get more pucks in the net too because he brings an element of mobility that our defense lacks right now. We also lack a big body in front of the net that Kesler was masterful at. Sedin - Sedin - Ericksson Larsen - Hutton/Edler Baerschi - Horvat - ______ Hutton/Edler - Tyramkin
  5. If he fetches a top 6 forward or a 40+ point defenseman then yes, otherwise no.
  6. I hope Grenier can be a top 6'er for us one day we need size up front. I also like Pedan but we're pretty crowded on defense, hopefully we can make room for him and a puck moving defenseman to pair with him.
  7. Not too high on Krejci's cap hit. I also don't like giving up a solid 3rd line C and a draft pick that we need to build our team with.
  8. I can agree with you that he's underrated but I don't think he's worth a young, 1st line forward at all. The reason I say that is because other than his defensive skills, he doesn't contribute much else. Doesn't have a physical presence or stand out offensively. That's what seperates the good defenseman from the great ones. If the right trade comes along to acquire a top 6 forward or 40+ point d-man i'm all for it.
  9. So with the addition of Eriksson I assume he'll play on the top line with the Sedins. And with Baertschi/Horvat taking their spot at LW/C for the 2nd line that leaves a void at RW. I'm hoping Benning can work out a trade for a top 6 forward but he doesn't have too many expendable assets to work with outside of Tanev/Sbisa. If so I think Jake Virtanen is a perfect fit on the ice and development wise for the 3rd line along with Sutter and Hansen. If I'm not mistaken he was drafted as a LW and he can play a crash and bang game while chipping in some goals. Sutter can work as our best shutdown center and Hansen is a good forechecker/two-way player who brings speed as well. All the qualities you want in a 3rd line. Although I could see Virtanen playing some 2nd line with Baertschi/Horvat depending on the forwards we roll with next year and who can make the leap. Thoughts?
  10. I'll say Calgary with Edmonton coming in close 2nd. For whatever reason there's always a scrap/line brawl to watch whenever we play Calgary and there's never really history between the players either. Edmonton will be improved this year and I know Lucic is gonna make that rivalry even better.
  11. I make that trade 10/10 times. When you have the oppurtunity for a bonafide #1 defenseman you take it. Bieksa was a high character guy but not someone who makes other players around him better. And Burrows is someone who we should've sold high on as much as I hate to say it. He just had good chemistry with the Sedins.
  12. We need wingers unless Horvat/Sutter can make the transition to a winger.
  13. Should be a solid 4th liner for them.
  14. I'd be fine with shipping out Sbisa/Tanev+ for one of these guys.
  15. If he's willing to take a cheap 1 year deal I'm all for it. He has experience playing the right side and he could play on the bottom pairing. Don't know much about Larsen but other than Hutton we don't have any defensemen who can rush the puck and chip in on offense. Sedins would get a huge boost on the power play and 5 on 5.