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  1. Difference between Bo and Jake is that Bo has better Hockey IQ, that can’t be taught. Bo also hits the dirty areas more often and plays well around the net, something Jake needs to do more of. Jake also needs to work on shot accuracy and breakaway moves. Too many times I’ve seen him try that dinky 5 hole move. If he improves on those I see no reason he can’t hit 25-30 goals, but it’s all up to him to stay dedicated in the offseason. I’m not concerned about his defensive game or physical game at all. He’s the only guy who can hit with authority and he’ll drop the gloves if he needs to.
  2. I’d do it at the right price. I’m in the minority here but Vancouver could be a fresh start for him and the speed he plays with could work well in Green’s system. Throw him on Horvat’s wing and he can take over at 1C or 2C if someones gets hurt.
  3. Yeah I think the Canucks would be wise to sit this year out on FA defenseman. Most of these guys seem one dimensional and the only guys worth getting are too expensive unless they sign on a short term deal which is unlikely. The 2020 list looks much better and Hughes/Juolevi should be a good upgrade next year.
  4. Would like to see Goldy, Eriksson, Sutter, Schaller, and even Baer gone. Out with all of the inconsistent, injury-prone, and perimeter players. Still to early to give up on Virtanen when we’re a team that lacks size.
  5. That was the main issue for me is that we need wingers. We’re already getting pretty deep at C. Pettersson, Horvat, Gaudette, Sutter, Beagle, Madden. I’m sure I’ve missed a few more names in the pipeline but something has to give. Maybe JB just sees more in Lind, Gadjovich, Palmu, or Jasek? From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like they’re exactly lighting it up in the A or they see Karlsson as a winger because I don’t see where he fits as a C.
  6. For how many seasons was Dan Cloutier our goalie coach with Markstrom? I feel like Marky has taken off ever since Cloutier’s coaching position changed and I think more playing time has been good for him instead of splitting starts with Nilsson 60/40 or 70/30. Also factor in that he’s never played behind a good defense here but he was still letting bad goals in previous years. This year could’ve been a lucky year for him who knows. Either way I hope we find out who our guy is next season.
  7. Can’t honestly say anyone really surprised me except for Markstrom. I think this was a huge year for Gaudette development wise, I’m excited to see him get more minutes next year.
  8. If we’re getting Duchene I’d have him as a winger or center in the top 6. Gaudette is more than capable of handling the 3C role and that way if Bo/Petey/Gaudette get injured we’ll have lots of depth at the position.
  9. I think we need to get faster and bigger. Would take any of Duchene, Panarin, Simmonds, and Ferland. Seems like the FA defenseman will command big money, I’d rather pay some forwards and develop Hughes/Juolevi and it may be unlikely but fingers crossed Tyramkin comes back. Get rid of some dead weight for picks/prospects. Sutter/Pouliot/Eriksson/Goldy/Baer some guys we could look to trade. Panarin/Duchene - Petey - Simmonds Leivo - Bo - Boeser Pearson - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - Motte Gaunce Edler - Tanev Juolevi - Tyramkin Hughes - Stetcher Hutton/Sautner Marky Demko
  10. I honestly don’t know nothing about the talent in the upcoming draft but if there’s Pettersson level talent then you def right. I just think Benn makes us a legit contender quicker than we think if our defense can better in the next couple years. Hughes, Juolevi, Woo, and Tyramkin if we’re lucky.
  11. Assuming both Hughes and Juolevi can make the team we will see much better production. Would like for them try Virtanen in front of the net and get a bigger body there. Then have Horvat down low with Boeser and Petey on the half wall with Hughes at the point. A good shot and lateral movement will do wonders for the power play. As for the 2nd unit I could see something like Leivo - Gaudette - Goldy/Baer Juolevi - Edler
  12. I’d do it. Benn is the exact type of player the Canucks are missing.
  13. ButterBean

    4th line

    Something that doesn’t get brought up too often is how bad our 4th line has been for the last half of the season. What happened? Early in the year they were good defensively, getting decent offensive zone time, and getting some goals here and there. Ever since Loui Eriksson got put on that line it’s been terrible. Beagle and Motte aren’t providing a lick of offense. What are Greens options? Loui is doing better on the 3rd line and the 4th line is producing more without him. It sems like Green needs to start giving Loui the Goldy treatment but at this point in the season does it really matter?
  14. Not denying our terrible luck with injuries but how long are we gonna run with this excuse? At some point management has to take action and decipher why this is a problem every year. There are a handful of guys who should of been traded awhile ago (Sutter/Tanev/Baer) and their value seems to go down the longer we wait. Our team seems like the punching bag of the league. If we make playoffs down the road, how confident are you that Pettersson and Boeser escape multiple rounds of playoffs healthy? We need to get big bodies who deal damage not take it and we must be faster as well.
  15. If there’s an oppurtunity to sell high on Marky and put together a package for a top 6 forward or a good dman I’m all for it. There is little reason to believe Marky will continue to play like he has this season. I may be in the minority here but I think Demko is NHL ready but had bad luck with injuries and it’s hard to play well behind a piss poor defense when you go months in between starts. Give Demko a better workload next year so we can see where he’s at. On another note huge credit to Ian Clark for elevating Marky’s game, it’s almost hard to imagine the management thought Cloutier was gonna fit as a goalie coach.