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  1. Is the Current Ownership Failing this Team?

    Who said Jay Beagle is getting 2nd line minutes? Horvat and Sutter will already play more minutes than him, and so will Petersson and Gaudette if they make the team.
  2. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    Right now it’s 100% Horvat. We’re not even sure if Petersson is NHL ready yet. I believe he is but I see no problem in developing him for another year or 2. The moves that JB made this offseason lead me to believe that Petersson will be the 2C because we already have 3 good defensive centers in Horvat, Sutter, and Beagle. Eventually we’ll see him take the 1C spot in a couple year hopefully. I don’t see him playing much as a winger but it all depends on the injuries that will hit.
  3. Is there a difference in leadership?

    Sad to see the twins go but I think we have tons of guys who will step in to lead this team. Edler, Tanev, Sutter, Guddy, and Eriksson are all established vets. I’m expecting Horvat to take the C and Boeser will be a good leader very soon as well. You could tell the Sedins were getting very tired of losing and the game was getting too fast for them which hurt us defensively at times. Them leaving could provide the spark that this team needs as much as I hate to say it. One thing I know is that we will undoubtedly be faster and better defensively this year.
  4. Baertschi - Plays on a top line with Horvat and Boeser but JB sells high on him and he gets traded. Virtanen - Works on his hands in the offseason and breaks out into a top 6 forward. 45+ point season. Pettersson - Takes the 2nd line C spot and scores 50-60 points while also playing on the 1st PP unit. Eriksson - Plays on a line with Pettersson and Virtanen and proves to be a calm veteran presence, returning to 40+ point form. Goldy - Either finds a spot in the top 6 or gets traded for a draft pick/prospect. Gaudette - Spends most of the season as a 3rd line winger scoring 30+ points while also getting decent PP/PK minutes. Juloevi - Becomes a top 3 defenseman on the team and plays on the 1st PP unit scoring over 30 points his rookie season. Chatfield surprised out of camp and gets called up whenever we get injuries on defense especially on the right side. Granny/Hutton/MDZ/Pouliot/Gagner all get looked at as trade bait. Demko starts the season splitting snaps with Markstrom 30-70/40-60 then ultimately takes the starting job mid-late season.
  5. [Poll] Logjam at Offense

    Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Eriksson - Pettersson - Virtanen Roussel - Sutter - Gaudette Leipsic - Beagle - Schaller/Archi Goldy/Gagner/Granny/Gaunce/Motte are leftover who have NHL experience. Goldy is either top 6 or bust in my mind. I have a hard time picturing him in a bottom 6 role so we could explore a trade with him or maybe Utica? Don’t really see a spot of Gagner either. If injuries hit sure he’s a vet who can play C/RW but at the point its up to Travis to decide whether he wants a vet playing or a prospect taking up a spot. Granny seems like potential trade bait as well. Gaunce will have a hard time finding a spot too and he’s had more than enough time to show us what he can do. Hopefully JB can get draft picks or package a couple of these guys with Tanev if/whenever he decides to pull the trigger on that deal. Then you got Dahlen, Gadjovich, Palmu, Lind, maybe a couple more I forgot. One of these guys may surprise in training camp but a year or two of more development won’t hurt them. Either way there is simply too many forwards to keep even if we get a couple injuries the competition will be fun to see.
  6. Top 6 versus bottom 6

    No matter how you slice it I just don’t see Gagner as a top 6 forward. He’s a plug in type of player who can fill in if we suffer a lot of injuries. Don’t sleep on Gadjovich being a top 6 forward as well. Think of him as a new age Tomas Holmstrom. He makes a living in front of the net and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a top line with the likes of Horvat/Pettersson/Boeser a few years down the road. We’ll need his size moving forward.
  7. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    Love what JB is doing but if I were to nitpick one bad thing about him is that every year he says the goal is “to make playoffs”. Just at least once I’d like him to say “our goal is to win a cup this year”. May not be realistic but it gives the fans and players a more positive demeanor imo.
  8. He competes hard and is good defensively but I don’t consider him top 4 atm. He’s decent at rushing the puck too but I don’t consider him top 4 unless his offensive game improves more. Needs to work on shooting the puck harder and more accurately.
  9. To say he’s a genius is stretching it. I think the team is headed in the right direction with Benning but we need to see more positive results in the next couple years before we start praising him like he’s a god. And I disagree about the part where it says Benning gave the Sedins all the help they could get. The Sedins carried us to the playoffs and management failed to provide them with forwards who could score and a trash defense. It was painful to watch the Sedins play their best playoff hockey only to watch Calgary score at will. Another critique I have is that we should have stockpiled picks. Pressure from the owners to sell tickets probably factored into this, but the best example I can think of is Steve Yzerman in Tampa. He loaded up on draft picks and built his team really well. I think we got a promising group of forwards and a franchise goalie in Demko, hopefully the situation on defense is addressed soon.
  10. Agreed. We can barely make it through a regular season without a crap load of injuries. Going through the Western Conference will be a gauntlet like it always has been. We will need bigger bodies playing with the likes of Boeser, Petersson, Dahlen, etc. There will be players on other teams taking runs at our players and you never know how these games will be officiated.
  11. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    No way we throw that much money and term at him. He hasn’t shown enough potential to earn that.
  12. Despite leading the team in hits MDZ has never been a big hitter. We need more guys who hit to hurt.
  13. Virtanen, Archie, Guddy is a good start to build around but I’d like to see more in the top 6. Possibly Evander Kane? If he comes at the right price I’m all for it. Would be nice to see Tyramkin come back within the next few years also. As our team stands right now we are not ready to physically compete in the playoffs.
  14. [Proposal] Cap Space

    I wouldn’t mind signing him on a 1 year deal. A veteran presence won’t hurt and he can help replace some of the playmaking ability that the Sedins provided on the PP. He can be a 2C behind Horvat while Petersson develops another year. Not sure if Pettersson is physically ready for the NHL yet so another year of bulking up would do no harm. Sutter isn’t a 2C and it could be asking a lot of Gaudette to be a top 6 player but we’re not sure. Could also flip Thornton to a contender at the deadline for some assets if we don’t make playoffs.
  15. 4 Unforgettable Moments From 2016-17 ?

    Hank's 1000th point Boeser's 1st goal in Minny Goldobin's 1st goal Guddy vs. Martin scrap