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  1. To say he’s a genius is stretching it. I think the team is headed in the right direction with Benning but we need to see more positive results in the next couple years before we start praising him like he’s a god. And I disagree about the part where it says Benning gave the Sedins all the help they could get. The Sedins carried us to the playoffs and management failed to provide them with forwards who could score and a trash defense. It was painful to watch the Sedins play their best playoff hockey only to watch Calgary score at will. Another critique I have is that we should have stockpiled picks. Pressure from the owners to sell tickets probably factored into this, but the best example I can think of is Steve Yzerman in Tampa. He loaded up on draft picks and built his team really well. I think we got a promising group of forwards and a franchise goalie in Demko, hopefully the situation on defense is addressed soon.
  2. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Agreed. We can barely make it through a regular season without a crap load of injuries. Going through the Western Conference will be a gauntlet like it always has been. We will need bigger bodies playing with the likes of Boeser, Petersson, Dahlen, etc. There will be players on other teams taking runs at our players and you never know how these games will be officiated.
  3. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    No way we throw that much money and term at him. He hasn’t shown enough potential to earn that.
  4. Despite leading the team in hits MDZ has never been a big hitter. We need more guys who hit to hurt.
  5. Virtanen, Archie, Guddy is a good start to build around but I’d like to see more in the top 6. Possibly Evander Kane? If he comes at the right price I’m all for it. Would be nice to see Tyramkin come back within the next few years also. As our team stands right now we are not ready to physically compete in the playoffs.
  6. [Proposal] Cap Space

    I wouldn’t mind signing him on a 1 year deal. A veteran presence won’t hurt and he can help replace some of the playmaking ability that the Sedins provided on the PP. He can be a 2C behind Horvat while Petersson develops another year. Not sure if Pettersson is physically ready for the NHL yet so another year of bulking up would do no harm. Sutter isn’t a 2C and it could be asking a lot of Gaudette to be a top 6 player but we’re not sure. Could also flip Thornton to a contender at the deadline for some assets if we don’t make playoffs.
  7. 4 Unforgettable Moments From 2016-17 ?

    Hank's 1000th point Boeser's 1st goal in Minny Goldobin's 1st goal Guddy vs. Martin scrap
  8. A potential new philosophy arising

    Toughness just hasn't been here for years now. Sorta miss the days when we had SOB, Hordichuk, Bieksa, Rypien(RIP), etc. All guys who were standup teammates and willing to throw hands with no hesitation. Even tho the NHL is starting to shift towards speed/skill, we just don't have the personell to matchup against bigger teams, especially in the Western Conference like St.Louis, Anaheim, and even Edmonton now. Which is why I am rooting for Virtanen, Gadjovich, and a few others in the system to carve out a top 9 role at the least. Right now Guddy is the only guy with an established role that I would consider "tough".
  9. Would rather just have a Dahlen - Petersson - Virtanen line in the future.
  10. [Discussion] Why Don't We Recreate 2011?

    One thing I've noticed when I watch games live is that the play takes way too long to develop out of our own zone. Our defenders are too slow and we've been missing an Ehrhoff type player ever since. He could rush the puck up the ice on the rush(and had the wheels to recover) pass well, and get shots through tough angles. The Sedins are dangerous when they have that mobile, offensive defenseman playing with them and a sniper/net presence (kesler/burrows back in the day). 2011 teams was great but it was carried by a lethal PP. When we didn't get those regular season calls our team was outmatched 5 on 5 by a bigger, tougher Boston team. Add the Malhotra injury and Hamhuis injury and the rest is history. Benning has been making great moves lately. I think he has put together really solid depth at all forward positions in the future. Boeser/Petersson/Dahlen/Goldobin/Virtanen/Horvat/Gaudette/Lind/Gadjovich/Lockwood etc. We also have a franchise goalie with Demko. Defensive prospects are decent but there aren't too many guys that catch your eye as a #1 defenseman. Only piece of the puzzle I believe is missing is a bonifide #1 defenseman who can play all situations.
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    I think it all depends how good our powerplay is this year. If he plays on the top unit with the Sedins and Del Zotto can prove to be a PP QB I don't think it's far-fetched to see 20 or 25+
  12. Do we even need Dahlin?

    Can never have enough defensemen... especially with this teams track record of injuries. Benning is building solid depth of forward prospects. No doubt in my mind we should go defense first or possibly even double dip at the position the first 2 rounds if the value is there. If there's ever a situation where we have too many defensemen we can always look to trade.
  13. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    Why? He's the only guy on our team who can hit and throw the mitts. Even if he's only on our 3rd pairing I say keep him.
  14. [Rumour/Speculation] Hudler/Canucks

    Why would it take Horvat away from his game? Horvat and Baertschi have good chemistry together and they were putting up decent numbers despite playing with low ice time. Sutter isn't the answer at 2nd line C even tho he was playing well offensively last year he's better in the 3rd line C role.
  15. As much as I like Burrows he's not a 2nd line player plain and simple.