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  1. Tom Sestito to Utica on conditioning stint

    Hmmmmmmmm, head shots and concussion have been escalating for years and fighting has been decreasing? Coincidence? I think not. There are more guys concussed from cheap shots than there ever is or has been from fights. I don't argue that guys who can't play and can only fight are being phased out, but Sestito has some skills. And you saying that the Kings didn't fight in the playoffs or that there isn't fighting in the playoffs is just wrong.
  2. Tom Sestito to Utica on conditioning stint

    And exactly what has Shinkaruk done to warrant that ice time? He's had a hard enough time at the AHL level adjusting to the size and physicality of the players and getting to the tough areas to make plays and score and you want him to try and do it up with the big club trying to go against teams like LA, Anaheim and San Jose? Are you trying to kill the kids confidence altogether, especially after having missed almost all of last year? Also, his defensive game needs a lot of work. Let the kid develop in the A and when he's deserving of a chance, he'll get it. As for Jensen, he's played well with the Comets but hasn't shown much with the Nucks. So, the only thing that he's got over Sestito is that he's been healthy all year.
  3. I wanted Mallet to make it because I like him and the style of game that he brought to the table but it became pretty apparent that he had too many good players ahead of him to make it with the Canucks. In saying that, I love the looks of Pedan and it's exactly the kind of guy that the Canucks have been lacking for years. Big, tough, mean, can skate and has some offensive potential. The only thing that I'm a little concerned about is the upper body injury that kept him off the ice for so long last year. I haven't read or heard what the injury was, but a lot of times upper body injury means concussion. I hope not, but if that's the case, then having those issues so early in his career, especially if it was a long term thing, with the style of game that he plays could be problematic including when he's dropping the gloves. After watching his fights, he's a very open fighter and will take a punch to land one(usually haymakers), which is exciting and commendable but a little worrisome if he has concussion issues. But hey, any guy who willingly drops the gloves and who's good at it and can also play, I'll take any day.
  4. It's going to suck worse for us if we have one of Edmonton's AHL depth guys as OUR fourth line centre.
  5. We traded away a fringe AHL'er and got another one back in return. I'm not sure how you see Acton as a project, especially when he's already 27 years old. If anything, Lain was the project.
  6. Sorry, I don't agree that Acton has shown that he can play in the NHL at all. He's 27 years old and has played in 33 career NHL games for a team that's been a cellar dweller for years and who has needed the grit and type of game that Acton is supposed to provide and yet he still couldn't crack their roster even semi-regularly.
  7. Yeah, I'd sure hate to have Anaheim's "lots of size, no skill" roster. Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Smith-Pelly, Lindholm, Fowler and even Maroon. Yup, that's an all size no skill bunch that no other teams would want.
  8. [PGT] ARI 4, REFS/TOR 1, VAN 0

    Blatantly fixed call? People in Toronto wanting the Canucks to lose? C'mon man, enough of the conspiracy theories and whining, it just looks bad, especially in a game where we lost 5-0. Yes, it was a bad call but if the team can't overcome a bad call here or there or are that mentally weak, that they let a bad call get them that off of their game, then they didn't deserve to win anyways. Get over it. I think to a man that none of the Canucks would say that was the reason whey they lost that game. And you sarcastically asking someone if they've ever played a sport and then saying that you've never experienced a call that bad, makes me think that maybe you either haven't played that many sports or haven't played them that long.
  9. Canucks recall Bobby Sanguinetti from Comets

    Absolute stud? You can't be serious? Absolute studs ALWAYS get a shot if they're that good and I don't know of any 26 year old studs who are still buried in the minors. So, let's try to be a little realistic can we please. And let's not confuse the Hurricanes and Rangers defenses with the Canadiens defenses of the 60's & 70's. Both were average at best and you'd think that a "stud" would be able to crack the lineup on a regular basis. Also, it's not like the Canucks couldn't use a stud defenceman and defensive depth was an issue from the outset. So, if he was as good as you make him out to be, then he would have cracked the roster from the start of the season. I hope the guy does well, but realistically I think the best we can hope for is that he's a serviceable depth defenseman who will more than likely be waiver wire fodder for the rest of his career.............. and there's actually no shame in that.
  10. Canucks Recall DeFazio

    Obviously you either don't/didn't watch the games or if you do/did, you'd know that they mentioned his name a few times, specifically when he drew the penalty. And nobody said that he was going to be the second coming of Owen Nolan......go back to your hole please.
  11. Is grit necessary from this team?

    I' make no bones about loving a big, tough and gritty team, while of course having some skill to go with it. In my opinion the 94 team would have killed the 2011 team because the 94 team could play the game any way you wanted and the best part about that team was they usually initiated how the games would go. The 2011 team relied too much on the refs calling penalties and hoping they could score on the ensuing power plays. In the playoffs when a lot more gets let go, that doesn't always work. The 94 team was big, tough, gritty and skillful and were prepared for any type of game and because of their size, they were more prepared for the rigors of the finals and healthier when they got there.........and the game was much more physical back then too, so the injuries would be more prevalent. I know the game has changed, but having teams that can play any style of play is still a recipe for success. Which leads me to todays team. They do have grit but the problem is that many of their grittiest players are too small in my opinion. Hansen, Burrows, Higgins, Richardson, Dorsett, Bieksa, Stanton, Hamuis and Sbisa are all average to below average in size. All of those guys are 190 - 210lbs max soaking wet and when you add that to the other smaller players, or guys who play small and guys who aren't physical presences like Vey, Bonino, Weber and the Sedins, they're just too small. Like they say, a good big man will beat a good little man any day. And when you're giving up 20 - 30lbs over the course of a game, and especially a series, it takes it's toll. I like the fact that the Canucks want grit and have starting drafting for more size, but this team as it stands now doesn't have enough of it to compete through a long series.
  12. Canucks Recall DeFazio

    Never heard the Dorsett/Torres comparison before. If anything, Dorsett plays more like Rypien did, especially since they both like/liked to hit clean and scrap..........and that's the last thing that Torres is known for because he's known for his dirty hits and ducking fights. And since when do you call up a guy to play a fourth line role and expect him to be an offensive spark? I'll answer it for you, you don't. And I'll take UticaHockey's expertise on the Comets play and players, considering how close he watches them and how knowledgeable and unbiased he is in his responses.
  13. [PGT] Canucks @ Kings

    Wrong..........They haven't played two games against SoCal teams yet, because if you're talking about San Jose, then you should probably take a geography lesson.......which also means their win total against SoCal teams is ZERO.
  14. Bo Horvat to make NHL debut versus Colorado

    Well G-damn, that worked. I never had to do that before but I also haven't posted in a long time and maybe things have changed..........thank you Canorth.
  15. Bo Horvat to make NHL debut versus Colorado

    Sorry, my last response was to Bo.Horvat53 earlier post as to why Horvat would get called up but not play. However, my stupid reply with quote thing isn't working again apparently. I click the quote thing and it still doesn't work. It used to but now it doesn't and it's pissing me off. I'm no computer genius but even I know how to click the quote button and have before, but it doesn't work anymore I guess...............