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  2. Havn't played in like a week Can't wait for nhl 11!
  3. Bringing this thread back... Does anyone even play this game anymore
  4. ^ lol resistance The new maps are pretty good, bailout and crash are the best imo. The rest are okay but I always do better on those 2.
  5. I actually like the first half of prestiging because it goes by so quick. After like level 50 it gets boring and I usually finish all the attachments for my guns by then(only for the ones I use) except for the 40 bullet penetration one which takes forever so I don't even bother doing it anymore. I did that challenge like twice I think, for the ACR and TAR.
  6. I don't know how you can play with the FAL, it's horrible.
  7. TAR and ACR have the best iron sights.
  8. I'll probably get it by the weekend, sounds cool
  9. How much you guys get your PSN cards for?
  10. Mine were Harrier, Chopper, and Nuke before but then I gave up going for the Nuke lol.
  11. Which killstreak rewards do you guys use? I started using UAV, Pred and Harrier. Works great.
  12. I started using 3 round burst guns today. Started off with M16 didn't really like it but the Famas is awesome. I've been getting much better scores with the Famas and it put my kdr up by .2 today.
  13. You can Drew Doughty