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  1. I think the signing of Mackenze Stewart to ELC indicates that JB has his own view of franchise's prospect pool and we now can forget about a possibility of drafting the likes of Merkley, Bouvillier, Roy and even DeBrusk. Eveything screams 'Carlo/Bittner' and it's sad. Had so much hope for the draft but now feel very pessimistic.
  2. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Kind of but they actually play hockey. Scheme of the tournament is pretty much the same.
  3. Dane Fox Talk

    Watched him against the Sharks too. Working on his skating is a must for Dane, too many short strides. He needs to work on a more wide, powerful stride to succeed on professional level. Seasoning in Utica with Green and Baumgartner will do a lot of good things for Fox.
  4. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Forsling also played tree games in brand new European Champions Hockey League, scored a goal and collected an assist. He's also +2, had 4 SOG.
  5. Alex Friesen Talk

    Let me correct you, he played for the Niagara IceDogs, a real power-house team with Ryan Strome, Hamilton brothers, Brett Ritchie and few other very notable players. And once spent half a season with Darren Archibald, after he was aquired from Barrie.
  6. Predict the Canucks bottom 6

    As much as I like Bo Horvat and want him on Canucks lineup I don't see much of a space for him. Only way for him to get significant time is to overplay both Vey and Richardson, not speaking of Mathias. Ideal place for secure season for Bo would be between two defensivly responsible forwards in Higgins and Hansen, the 3H Line lol. Or centering 4th line between Richardson/Mathias and Dorsett. Seems unlikly though. ver 1: D.Sedin - H.Sedin - Vrbata Burrows - Bonino - Kassian Higgins - Horvat - Hansen Mathias - Richardson - Dorsett ver 2, more realistic: D.Sedin - H.Sedin - Vrbata Burrows - Bonino - Kassian Higgins - Vey - Hansen Mathias - Horvat - Dorsett. ver 3, the most realistic: D.Sedin - H.Sedin - Vrbata Burrows - Bonino - Kassian Higgins - Vey - Hansen Mathias - Richardson- Dorsett No way I see Hansen in the 4th line and Vey will not center 4th line either.
  7. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Moved to bottom 6 in his case is facing easier competition. He's nowhere near Manny Malhotras of the world. His foot speed and skating is disastrous for a first round pick. He'd better work his butt off this season in Utica or he may face perspective to be on the move come D-day. Maybe I'm too hard on him but right now I can't see any significant progress from previous years.
  8. Alex Friesen Talk

    Great news! Very glad Canucks've finally signed Alex. BTW, he dominated OHL with 68% wins in the FO circle. Hits hard, drops the gloves (7 fighting majors this past season), and, as coaches and Niagara's GM said he's "heart-and-soul" guy. Waiting to see him play against the men next season. I really hope that Alex is a late round steal for the Nucks.