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  1. You are underestimating how good CBJ is. Don't be surprised if we get spanked 6-1 by them. CBJ are on fire these days.
  2. Oh how ive missed CDC! Ohlund sounds like he wants to be away from the game for a good amount of time... Which is fair.
  3. the pigeon scores...
  4. just cracked my first one, going down easy after a long day at work ! glad to see the boys playing with heart. and I heard guddy roughed up martin?
  5. hows the game my cdc friends ! I am just tuning in now.
  6. I want to see that weasle Kadri scott stevens'd at centre ice.I wish for no brutality, but lets go out smashing these guys. Besides speed the Leafs should not be able to out do us push us around. This is where Gudbranson and Tree come in. Not Miller and Hansen
  7. Haha thanks man ! All credit to @Vintage Canuck for that. Thats my great uncle with Lester back in the late 40s! Was shocked when I found out.
  8. Nice positioning by millsy though
  9. Thats gotta hurt.
  10. Ive missed 2 games this year. Larsen is not good. Sorry but not sorry. He cant play the puck.