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  1. Laine has a shot that we haven't seen since Kovalchuck, Ovechkin. A true sniper. Yes Matthews has 31 goals but how many of those were crease crashers or tip ins. (I truly despise the leafs). Going back to the canucks lack of scoring. I think managment has done a very good job of stockpiling an abundance of solid prospects. But we still lack a true scorer
  2. Tkachuck would of looked nice.. I am happy with Juolevi though. But man how good would Ehlers look in a Canucks jersey right now. Or Nylander..
  3. Well Megna saw most of the ice...
  4. Funny thing is you can have all the talent in the world. If you lack the sense and drive to be an NHLer someone else will take your place. I am not giving up on Virtanen but managment took a massive risk when they picked him 6th. The team needs his grit and ability to shoot, but his ability to consistently read the game and make smart decisions will determine his career. Barry Mac said it best one day. Its a toss up between power forwards and defensmen who take the longest to develop.
  5. He can't... 66 isn't leauge wide so people just need to let it go.
  6. Horvat finishes with 55-60 points.
  7. No I do question what mine and other governments do. Like how people like like Trudeau and Trump are elected in the first place. But when it comes to war $$$$$$ I dont question. Any conflict in the middle east is worth a lot of money. Big banks salvitate over the thought of troops being sent over.
  8. Can you make me one of those tinfoil hats?
  9. Link here.
  10. perfect day to do it. while most of the people of bastan are distracted by gisele
  11. You are underestimating how good CBJ is. Don't be surprised if we get spanked 6-1 by them. CBJ are on fire these days.
  12. Oh how ive missed CDC! Ohlund sounds like he wants to be away from the game for a good amount of time... Which is fair.